88 MPH and going...

I thought I 'd give you a quick preview of my latest building obsession...

I wanted to wait until it's entirely finished, but I couldn't resist.

Damn clock tower...


Two days of RL Christmas shopping can be tiring. Gifts and groceries, traffic jams (lag), crowded stores, and no teleports. But there can be always something that puts a smile on my face, and hey, I swear I didn't edit this picture....


Linden Labs, thanks for the peanuts too!

And Merry Christmas to everyone!


Lovely night the other day. Not only it was a special *day* for me, but also I went to the Moonlight University Christmas Party, and I had lots of fun.
My aim was also to show off the lovely hat that Banana had just given to me as a b-day present, and I thought I would look cool dancing the chicken dance with such a lovely garment keeping my bald head warm in a open-air disco a thousand feet high in the SLsky.

But as often happens during parties, one of the guys went wild a little and showed off his hilarious Mickey Mouse pants on stage..

And it became...contagious..
The ensemble hat/mickeymousepants/greysocks/trekkingshoes did look perfect on me, don't you think?

And here is the 'rear end' view :)

So contagious that the entire teachers' committee in Mickey Mouse pants decided to give a warm Christmas salute from the stage..

aaaaaaaaaaand just one of us kept them on even for the staff official picture!
(okay there is also one of us wearing a M.J. avatar so they wouldn't put the blame on me only)

OMG someone fugged me here too

But I just couldn't resist. As the party finished, I had to go visit my friend Bunni and show her how cool my after-party look was and we captured the moment..

And, omg, here I am today working on my new creation with good Mickey giving me building hints. (Poor Banana was hiding in fashionista-shame behind her posestands but as the French say when it comes to haute couture...c'è la vie! lol)

That's all folks!

The man and the BUILD button...

Once upon a time there was a man. Somehow this man got bored one day and decided to do something new..something he had never tried before!

He just hit the BUILD button, lol. And he built, built and built.

And dont'know why, it all started with food....

Then the man had his little spiritual moment and decided to make it a church....

And THEN, he tried his skills at german-italian medieval architecture...but with bad results (damn textures!!!!)

btw did you know that building 64 octagons in a row will make you worry about prim limit, even if the prim limit is 3k???

Anyway, he got bored with architecture too and decided to expand his interests in air transport..

yes, it really is THAT HUGE, it really is THAT YELLOW, and yes, it DOES FLY!

But somehow he decided to get back to his old passion, car racing..
the guys at the racetrack told him it was the wrong way though.

So maybe he could try...SCULPTIES? He did try.
Sitting on a mushroom and winking at someone....

But in the end, he decided to go for the masterpiece..

Hmm, ok i have been told it just look like a wedding cake. But I guess i couldn't avoid that since it actually looks like a wedding cake in RL...(waves at John Key and some kiwis and Bananas..)

This is it for now. The man is now lost learning sculpty paint but will come back from the future someday..

Happy building everyone! (in case you're trying, lol)

Why is my SL so messed up?

Hello everyone, I somehow managed to remember my blogger password today and promised some friends I would post a very PARTICULAR picture they have taken a while ago..

So here we are...

There isn't really anything to comment about, when you 're trying on some Gorean scribe clothes and being beaten to death by some ladies you thought were good friends...(and they said they were trying to cheer me up!)

Blogpost on my building adventures is coming, so stay tuned, lol.