Mutual exchange.

I have to admit, I love to google 'Banana's Hubby'. It's nice to know there are people who read my posts and even set them as preferites. But I didn't expect to find my name on here..

English Banana Bubble WHAT? LOL. This lady runs a website for cool banana recipes and I don't know how he decided to add my 'she is not the reason why i teach english in SL' blogpost on his suggested readings:

what can i say, my dear reader. I 've found your website interesting too, especially this particular recipe.

Chocolate PEANUT BUTTER banana muffin...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

/me drowns in peanut butter.

note: i added halloween and pumpkin in the tag words below for mere traffic increasing purposes. Pardon me. ;)

I love pillows....

Sitting on Banana's boobies. Now that's kinky! and no, i wasnt staring at her butt in the pic


AWW sad day today for my Nana. A fugly BDSM dungeon built by her neighbour made her ponder closing the store at Nebula..
Plus, it seems the effects of global warming are becoming a problem in SL there she is contemplating a half-watered Potassium still in its astounding beauty.

Time to pack up.....but she decided to demolish instead...

and look what we have NOW! the one and only fly/sail-thru store in SL!

Come down here for a ends in 24 hours..


Another thoughtful post from the SL blog!


AHAH this girl, Zhanka really loves to get into trouble! Good luck!

" Why people (you) buy things in Second Life? Is it profitable in Second Life virtual environment?"



Among all the possible kinds of RolePlay in Second Life, you can also get the chance to join a Mafia community. There are lots of groups, Sims, and even stores dedicated to the recreation of some kind of "mafia atmosphere", for the full enjoyment of roleplay action and the celebration of badly generalized values such as Respect and Brotherhood. Add some beautiful 30's style clothing and sims, and the trick is done. I typed 'mafia' in the search and here are the results (note: mature and adult content not included) :

436 groups.
Now, Mafia is still a huge problem in Italy. It' s something we aren't definitely proud of, and despite Italy ranks as the 5th biggest national community in SL, only a few d****e bags among us happen to join certain of those groups. I am aware the term "mafia" has been anglicized and has a broader range of meanings in popular american culture, but still, an average of more than 300 people are murdered every year and 40,000 families are affected by "that word" in my country and there is no way any of us would even dare to recreate this atmosphere in a virtual world. Popular TV shows such as "The Sopranos" have never been aired on TV here, and it is a criminal offense to publicly emphasize any mafia-related phenomenon.
Being the internet a relatively new world, I think it's our duty to keep it clean and accessible for all possible users. I know Facebook has deleted all its mafia-related groups, but I am sad to hear that among the addictive Facebook games such as Farmville, Pirates and CafèWorld, now there is also Mafia Wars.

Second Life contents are entirely user created, but I guess the Lindens must have some kind of control over certain 'politically uncorrect' behavior. Just out of curiosity, I thought of other shameful words in worldwide culture and typed them into the search :

As you can see, no matches found for KU KLUX KLAN...

And 15 matches found for NAZI, just because of the various ANTI-NAZI groups.

and obviously no matches found for 'al qaeda'...

So, shall I just be glad that one of the darker stains on my country's worldwide reputation isn't considered off limits by Linden Labs, or is this worth some more thinking to Mr Philip Rosedale? I 'd like to know your opinions about it.

Peace :)

Moon&Josh, Thank you!

Oh, yes. Whatever our background is, we are in SL for one main purpose. To avoid being forced to live a first life all day long, and this implies we get rid of all the stress, problems, pay the rent, and we don't even have to drive to work, 'cause we can fly there. If married, we can also pretend not to have a wife/husband to care for. In brief, we are free.

But there's a couple I know, who doesn't agree at all. In fact, despite knowing that ending up being unhappily married/partnered in RL is the number one reason for the success of Second Life(/me was in the group), they decided to get married in SL, in a wonderful, perfect ceremony. My admiration goes to them, and my thanks too, because I really enjoyed being there to witness the start of their new life together.

*sorry, crappy pic, but lag was bad and my laptop couldn't handle to rez the whole chapel at once, lol

Moon and Josh, you guys were able to bring tears to my eyes yesterday.
May your love grow bigger and bigger everyday, and you be happy for the rest of time!

Tanti auguri di cuore!!


/me is looking for any american/canadian/english/irish/welsh/scottish/aussie/kiwi/south-african (from the North Pole?It's ok as long as you are a native english speaker) fellow Slers who want to join my classes for some simple conversation (voice would be perfect, local chat is ok) with italian students of the English language.

It's a lot of fun, I can assure ya. :)
Post a comment in here and we can talk about it inworld.


For you M.

Wow, Second Life.

When you think you ‘ve been thru all kinds of emotions, events, when you think you are experienced enough to handle whatever may come your find out that this electronic thingee you’re typing onto and those copper wires on the floor are always there ready to surprise you, or shock you for some reason.

I was busy commenting on London’s post about RL identity tonight, when I logged on SL and found a few offline IM’s.

(Avatar name is altered, *no translation* needed for the Italian viewer interface )

-- Registrazione degli Instant Messages abilitata --

[13:55] Mandy McCallen: You were nice to me, for that i will always remember you

[13:56] Mandy McCallen: Now I have to leave, you are all in my prayers

[13:56] Mandy McCallen è Offline

This woman I met by chance at some friends’ place, and after a short conversation she offered to help me with my teaching activity in SL, providing my boring and monotonous dissertations on grammar with some pleasant Irish accent/native English pronunciation exercises. I appreciated her spontaneous effort at helping me (she refused to get paid for it), and noticed it was beginning to become very important to her. I could tell by the tone of her voice, and by some other conversations we have had during the few days of our friendship. She shared some sad details of her RL, and how much SL provided an escape to all the S**T she is going through at the moment. I can undoubtedly say….SL was just making her life a happy one.

Now she is gone, and for ever.

Damn SL, we will never be good enough. ‘Cause there is no way ANYTHING like this can happen in my RL, and I wasn’t prepared for it.

Just in SL, damn SL.

OUT OF CONTEXT. (Valentino)

But I just couldn't resist.
Congratulations Valentino, you are the greatest of all ;)

@ Quaintly...that skyscraper should remind you of something! ;)

Thinking about a new skin..

I have mentioned in my previous posts my dissatisfaction with the standards of the graphics in SL. I am not a computer nerd, so I am not enough qualified to judge, and I know that it's just my opinion, as most people I know are quite happy with things they see on their screens.
But I believe that the quality of the SL environment depends a lot on the creators, they way they imagine things and the way they build them. As for avatars, I don't think there's much they can do, I mean... a good skin is a good skin, a bad skin is a bad skin, but they look just the same to me, lol. I accepted my skin and shape for what they are, and all the times I have thought of changing it into something similar to the way I look in RL, I gave up 'cause judging by the previous results shown to me, it wasn't even worth trying. Anyway, hope is never a bad thing and, even if I am not sure yet, I think i 've just met the right guy these days. I can't call him a friend yet, but he's been the only SL builder/creator who hasn't gone mad at me for interrupting him while working on a creation.For this, I consider him one of a kind, lol, and definitely a nice guy. We chatted a bit and I forgave his one-hand typing of course, 'cause his other hand seemed to be very busy...I started to admire his skills and asked him to show me some of his previous works..which were amazing. I dared to ask for a custom job, and he basically made it in a flash ! I have a fetish for high-tech electronics in RL, and asked him to build an exact replica of my mobile phone just to see how far his skills -and SL graphics- could go. I allowed him a couple of days....It took him just 15 minutes. He said it's not perfect, and that he would make a better one in a hour time or so. I can see why it's not perfect, but just 15 minutes to see my RL phone rez in SL are well worth my appreciation. So here it is..

So I thought I could show him this picture...and ask for his opinion about it.

Hmm, he thinks he can do a better job than that. So shall I trust him and get me a new skin? Problem is, I have to take a perfect picture of my RL face, and if it's the way he described, it's going to take me hours. It's all a matter of getting the right light on my cheeks, so that every wrinkle on my face can become a pixelled line, lol. I 'll think about it, actually it's a week I am thinking about it. Once it's done, and if I like it, I guess I 'll just pay more attention to people complaining about my appearance, 'cause I won't be able to blame SL graphics anymore...or will I?


Quintessential surprise:)

I knew my attempt at modeling on female poses would have scared someone. But in SL as in RL, the world is made of the weak and the brave. Among the brave, there is Quaintly, who not only appears not to have thrown her laptop out of the window after seeing my "tap my butt" pictures, but she 's just rezzed a male pose stand on the sandbox/platform that Banana built for her a few days ago (it's not that Banana isn't brave enough, she has just lost hope with time. Understandable).
Shall I take it as just kindness from Quaintly, or is this an encouragement to make me hit the 'snapshot' button again and again??
Since I am pretty good at making fun of myself, but I am definitely bad at taking myself too seriously, I will postpone the new modeling session for now. But I will do it, and blog it too! No worries if I am on your blogroll/feed, I will make it clear from the title that it's about me modeling again, so that you can choose wether to take the risk or not, lol :P

Thanks a lot Quaintly :)


It's kinda crazy what's going on at Nebula. Banana's store has been there for ages, in a little corner of the SIM and with much of the surrounding area being empty all the time. It's a week now that a new neighbor has bought a huge section of it and has rezzed a big black building just on the opposite corner. It's so huge and black that you can actually see it from wherever you are at Potassium, and it isn't really a nice sight. Plus, the outside "garden", bordering Banana's property is full of crappy grass and some kind of tall purple flowers worth the most abandoned war cemetery in Greenland(omg has there ever been a war in Greenland?). Banana was left with no other choice than try to decorate the strip of grass on her side with some cute mushrooms and a pond, right after a first attempt at raising a little hill in between the sections so that the monster could be at least partially hidden. She has posted about it, and even felt a little guilty about the terraforming she had made at first. But surprise surprise....the neighbour built some ugly walls on the border, which accomplish the hard task to be even uglier than the black building itself. Now what could Nana do? She raised the hills again, so that the grey would disappear from sight, at least the side facing Potassium. You may think...ALL SET, grey wall on their side, green hill on our side. Fair enough.

Hmm, no, have a look at this!

I wonder what kind of pot this woman smokes. What's the point in making the wall taller again? Do we have to raise the hills again? Is this going to be a battle for the tallest avatar-made structure in Second Life? What's the fun in crashing my bike on a grey wall? Make it blue, red, yellowish at least!!

I walked to the black building (she made it a no fly zone) and wanted to check the view from there, looking towards Potassium. Here it is.

Don't you think that is just too "KEWL"???? I 'd really love to hang out at a place like that. Really as in...really really really.

What to do now....I don't know. I hope Banana gets things sorted. I hate grey, Berlin wall grey.

Not for the faint of heart!!

Thanks to Banana and her neverending blogroll I literally bumped into this Flickr post.
I recommend reading it, though it's a bit harsh, and definitely her (Nicole's) own point of view. But I agree on some points, as I have always felt sad looking at people who lose the balance between they RL ego and the reflection of it into the metaverse. Too bad this person, Nicole, appears to have left Second Life, because no loss of balance can't be recovered with time. Take a deep breath, and read:

What SL should look like

I had a long conversation with probably one of the only people in my life who's ever been honest to me.He helped me see something, that I did not want to see. I. Hate. Avatars. This is what SL should look like. We should not know that there is land. We should not know that there are skies, or stars.Fly up a few thousand meters. Do this: Advanced - Turn Off Skies. He reminded me: "Even the stars are fake" SL should look like infinite space. The problem with SL, is that, it is fundamentally broken. We still know that we have avatars. We still know that there is land below us. We still know that there are avatars all over the grid. SL is too internalized. We all keep looking inward. There is no way to escape it. Take an honest moment with yourself and ask yourself. Why are you really here? You can not escape the fact that. You're just hiding. It does not matter what you are "doing" there. You are still there for what? Your OWN reasons. YOURSELF. Reconnect with yourself. STOP PROJECTING YOURSELF onto a you that will never be. Stop using your fucking sliders. Stop using your fucking clothing inventory. Stop taking picture after picture, of your "hot" little avatar. Face it. It's not you. Your pictures are lovely, I'm sure you like to look at yourself, just, STOP IT. IT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. I will not be using my avatar anymore. If you do see me, I will be my light ball, and that is all. I am not going to pose for you. I am not going to pretend to be something I am not. I will speak to you as myself. I am not some cartoon character in your imaginary little world filling some role that you've imagined me to be. I am not saying SL is entirely useless. I am just saying that SL has made you all sick. Whether you realize it yet or not. This is true. I for one am not going to imprison myself in avatar. SL should look like this. Infinite space. It should expand peoples minds and stimulate creation in a void of space. Ask yourself... why do people keep buying land, clothing, hair. Why do you keep trying to fill your life with fake "real life" items? What purpose does it serve? Is it comforting to have something you can't have in Real Life? Think of it this way. YOU DON'T and WON'T ever really have it. You are paying other people to lie to you.


I speak it.

Don't like.

Don't comment.

Thanks for listening


Actually, I am pretty sure she will come back into SL.
Nicole, if you 're ever gonna read this, send me an IM!!

FINALLY something thoughtful from the SL blog.

"Caution : Secondlife can activate basic neurological processes and may cause synaptic connections to be made triggering emotional responses that could lead to paradigmatic shifts in cognition which affect the quality and direction of future life decisions."

BS or truth? I don't care.
Yes, I do love your comment, Ripped Winkler. Even though you posted it just to cut and paste the URL of your Xstreet account, it just made me stop for a second in a kinda speechless mood :)


Celebrities, yeah.
I have always thought Second Life to be too much an "easy" world for anyone to define themselves as Slebrities. I mean, no matter how popular and productive you can be as an avatar, it doesn't take much effort to become well known and respected in a little village of 400 thousands active users worldwide. Moreover, the common definition of celebrity in RL is of someone who is popular, and exclusively in the media, for the most various reasons, even if the reasons themselves aren't really praiseworthy. So, since I can't really find any representation of the "media effect" in Second Life, (hmmm, gawd, how crazy would it be to have a SL TV in world??) then what is it that makes a celebrity out of a pixelled avatar?
I guess it's a matter of money again, or at least in part. I won't name any of them, but there is a little bunch of guys in here that is actually capable of earning REAL money, even if the legend says only 49 people worldwide (Linden Labs not included) earn enough to fully sustain their real lives. I can't anyway define them as celebrities, i'd rather think they 're just..very smart guys in the virtual sex/porn industry(lol), and a few ones in the fashion business.
Then, there 's the much wider community of avatars who THINK they are Slebrities. "A year in SL equals to 7 years in RL", as the saying goes. 100% true, though I haven't bought Banana a present for our 14th wedding anniversary yet. Fact is, emotions run fast in here, and so does self-esteem. From noob to entrepreneur, from camper to landowner, from ruth to supermodel, from nerd to trend-setter, the target is at anyone's reach. All you have to do is get a hundred dollars charged on your VISA. Lacking traffic? Some 50 more dollars spent in advertising will do the trick, for a month or so. But hey, nothing compares to becoming a celebrity!

I 've been lucky enough to witness some of these guys while stressfully dealing with their change of SL-status.
No more 'how are you?' IM's 'cause they were often in busy mode.
No more 'Let's go for a ride' IM's 'cause they were frantically going through the list of possible managers to hire.
No more rezzing helicopters on their land 'cause it could offend the patrons.

But the point of no return is...when you open their profiles and the guy who once was a..

"friendly easygoing man who enjoys SL and all it has to offer! Send me an IM if you like"

becomes a...

OF COURSE you 're a PROUD owner and of OF COURSE your IM's get capped!!!
But please tell me why you can't just check them in your friggin' email.



*someone please stop me from uploading SL profiles on my blog or i 'll get sued one day or another.


HMM Pretty cool pictures at her store... and a skilled model too...

Wonders how she can make it...there must be a pose stand somewhere near and I am gonna find it for gawd's sake!

Done. What I thought were huge light bulbs hovering in the sky...Idjit me!

OK ladies, stand back and enjoy! My turn now ;)

erm, ok first try was good, don't you think? Female poses make the bald man look so kewl...

Second try, even better. I think i am enjoying this..hmm...too much.

Ooopss! I think I went a little bit too far..the last one reminds me of Tony Manero but I can't be that low on testosterone.

Back on track, italian avatar. If you haven't learnt fashion in Milan, you won't learn it in Second Life anyway. And all of you reading this, please JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT OK?? ;)


No pun intended. She is just my Banana.

Number 10. 'Cause she can feel really disappointed when her new neighbor puts a yucky black castle-thing right in front of her pretty store and all you want to do is to bomb it straight away.

9. 'Cause instead of bursting into tears, she then decides to make it up by adorning her pretty little land with some funny colored mushrooms and a small pond just on the border of the property.

8. 'Cause there is no better place where she could start whispering sweet little nothings in my ears...

7. ...or start jumping on the mushrooms as if they were a trampoline!

6. 'Cause no matter what she is busy with, she always finds the time to build Quaintly a custom sandbox...

5. And then allowing me to go mushroom hunting on my pink chopper!

4. 'Cause despite knowing that women drivers rhymes with women riders, she wants to give it a try herself..(look at the passenger's frightened face)

3. Cause she is the only one capable of jumping the hills like that..

2. And 'cause when it comes to riding a bike, she doesn't mind violating the sacred steps of a french church...

1. Most of all, the number 1 reason to love a Banana is...'cause after a tiring day like that, she won't just say good night and log off. There is always time for a last dance, until the morning comes.

'Cause morning will come.
I love you baby, ti amo tanto.

50 most annoying things..

about the internet.
I thought i'd share this list of thing people hate the most about the web, from the Daily Telegraph.

I totally agree with number 2. Joining charities online is the best way to go to bed thinking you 've done something good. But nothing 's going to happen overnight anyway.

Number 4....argh yes i DO wanna kill the inventor of Captcha!!

Number 5.... social media guru's...who are they???

Number speech bubbles..I LURVE THEM!

Number 35..compulsory fields on forms..GRRRR!

Number 50..I think Chris Crooker is a genius.

Weird, the list doesn't mention Second Life. Is it good or bad? I 'd rather choose to be on a 'hate' list than being completely forgotten. But that's just me...;)

LOL, Emerald.

Just found this funny discussion on the Second Life blog about the Emerald Viewer. Funny because they are debating about the legality of the viewer, in particular about a special feature of Emerald that would make it easier to steal/copy items. Funny because the Emerald viewer is mentioned on the Second Life wiki. And i guess ANYTHING from the Second Life wiki should be legal...LOL. But then you read this warning message there...

"Warning: Third-party viewers are not associated with Linden Lab and are governed by their own respective licenses. Linden Lab is not responsible for any desired or undesired results in association with those viewers."

Is this confusion??? I dunno. I 'll keep using Emerald very often. Until the day I learn how to copybot. Promise.


Thanks to the Emerald SL viewer, I now know that i am 801 days old.It's not that i couldn't do the count myself, and of course the day-count isn't the reason why I recommend you download Emerald. It has many advantages you can find out yourself, but the best thing for me is that Emerald is, strangely enough, lighter than the default viewer, and allows my old&crappy laptop to run 2 SL windows at the same time with just 2 gigs of RAM and a couple of other applications in the background.

Anyway, back to the 801 days I spent in here, I thought I could do some more counting. Easy counting. Measuring the time in days, I tried to figure out how many days I have worn the same pieces of clothing! I know, it looks like an impossible thing to do for most Slers, but me being a special case, I just changed my clothes depending on the events that occurred from time to time, so that now i can summarize it, with these amazing end results:

Number 1 : an amazing total of 160 days. It's the Frank's place jazz suit, that i wore during my workdays there as a host. It came with multiple jackets and ties, so that i could vary my looks if *only* i wanted, lol.

Number 2 : 100 days. Jeans and polo t-shirt from AITUI, a gift from a crazy bunch of guys then known as 'the family', after a one month long fight to make me change my clothes.

Number 3 : some unbelievable 300 days ca. Nice jeans, shirt, tie and vest. Gift from Banana, and then she kindly threatened to unpartner me if I hadn't worn it. Ask her for a LM if you like them, lol.

Number 4 and 5 : These cool shirt, jacket and jumper (the white one gives me the penguin look i know) I have been wearing the last 30 days, just to feel the thrill of it.

Now, I never believed in Karma, but I guess I really should start to. Such a lazy shopper I am, 3 days ago I randomly joined the Bitch Tail Midnight Mania board, just to help increase the number of participants to 500, the minimum requested by the organizers.
Woke up the following day, with a flashy 500 L$ bonus credit card in my pixelled wallet:

OPPS! Did I just write 500L$? hmm, yeah,that was the supposed amount. But have a closer look at the amount on the credit card..don't you think 3 zero's after a 5 are better than just 2??
Thanks a lot, Bitch Tail. And many more thanks to your sales manager, I just hope you don't fire him 'cause mistakes sometimes happen for a good reason. ME!!!

In the end, i walked home with 5 new outfits and a dozen of custom motorbikes, the pink one being my favourite...

Have a nice time in SL you all :)

She is not the reason why I teach english.#2

I really don't like to repeat myself but since one of my previous posts got some blog-wide attention , I thought I could write a quickie and add some more words of wisdom from a girl who knows how to put a mark on a man's soul. Dedicated to all non-native english speakers and to all native english speakers who have misspelt a word at least once in their lives.

and i checked her paid-ads page too, unfortunately she doesn't appear to support any campaign for the extermination of slow typers. And lastly, I am not a fuginista but, you reckon her double nipslip in the picture is intentional?


How many people know about your Second Life?

RL and SL. SL and RL. Are these just acronyms we use to read on profiles or have they some more profound meanings?
Okay, I am not going to bore you with the over-discussed topics of how much Second Life has enriched your real lives, or how much of your real lives should be shared inside your second ones. I bet there are hundreds of blogposts about this. Because it seems we talk about it a lot. We talk about our real lives in Second Life, always, even when we don't want to share a single thing. If we don't share any details, it doesn't mean we aren't giving any, because no matter what, we are telling people that we tend not to mix RL and SL for some unknown reason concerning our RL. It is always the first life merging into the metaverse. It's NEVER, or almost never, the metaverse merging in our First life.

Let's be honest.

How many of us are open to the world about SL? How many of us use to decline a night out with real friends, by honestly saying "Sorry mate, i have a bunch of avatars waiting for me inworld"? How many of us have told our families, colleagues, cousins, aunts and uncles that we spend a third of our daytime watching pixels dance on a poseball? How many of us have the guts to admit having found love(even the true one), friendship, or just meaningless fun inside some servers down there in San Francisco? Have you ever figured why no matter how much effort we make in hiding our real lives in SL, it will never compare to the effort we make in hiding SL from RL?
And if the answer is..."just a few of us", then why? If Linden Labs' invention is so precious to us, why do we need to hide it from the 'atomic' world?
I can only guess some of the answers, and of course people come to SL for the most various reasons so that it's impossible to even get a kinda comprehensive idea after all. But I am pretty sure the majority of us think that the outside world just can't understand.

No, they won't understand. Because Second life is best (if not only) understood when you are living it. If you are in it, and happen to like it very much, thats when the world starts refusing to understand and you think you'd better keep your mouth shut with everyone.

Lacking in Potassium me too.

When complaining to me about lack of visits to Potassium, I threw it right back at Banana for not posting about it enough.

So true. No wonder she married me - I am a smart man.

Photo courtesy of Banana Vella ® Blogspot

This is Potassium. It has clothes. Cheap, cool and casual. Visit.

She is not the reason why I teach english in SL :)

One interesting thing in becoming a blogger after 2 whole years of a Second Life, is that you can think and re-think the past, allowing good and bad memories to come back into your mind. Only difference, now you have THE way to let them out and share them to the world. Today is a bad memory's day, lol. I remember bumping into this unbelievably self-centered-wannabe-diva and overpixellated-avatar while hanging out at some super popular club, and this was looong time ago. I was just waiting for my special one(*no need to mention her name, lol*) to log in and have our daily 10 minutes romantic dance, but i couldnt avoid to notice Sensua. Erm, no, not because of her looks.
Not because of her sexy AO.
Not because of her charming bling.
Not because of her smart chat lines and tempting gestures.
>Since she seems to dislike updating her profile(oh, what a turn off!), I can show it to you exactly how it read more than a year ago:)
Now you tell me what kind of woman can have such a Second life profile page.

Now, methinks..what's the best in Second Life? Being fluent in English? Oh come on, it can't be much of a problem in here. We got real time translators, we got schools, and you could also fall in love with a nice guy from a foreign land, and decide to speak his language instead. You just don't know how fascinating it could be.

So i decided to move on to her Interests' page, hoping to be delighted by her wit again.

Oh, you want to be free. How original and real.
Oh, you 're sarcastic, i think i know that by now. And you can be mean to men!
Oh, you speak English....HEY WAIT A MOMENT!! WTF?? what's the problem with you!!! Again,
you can be that mean to foreigners, milady..GRR. I will excuse you only if you can prove you were Borat's girlfriend before he made the movie.

And now very intrigued to have a look at your first life..

COOL!! what can i say , Sensua. Voltaire gave you a good advice, for sure you 've accomplished the first part, but it's a long way for the second!!!

I thought I'd give it a try...

and I did good!!!!!

I thought my avi would look hot in a uniform..but that's not the point.
I managed to accomplish my first undercover mission..and the guy is in jail!

Now, if you happen to know who the guy know what i am talking about.
In case you DON'T know who the guy is....DON'T ASK!!!!


Dress Code

Funny aye.
I thought it was just me complaining about dress code violation during formal/semi-formal events. Instead, just today Gartner inc. the "world's leading information technology research and advisory company" (as they call themselves) has released an interesting report concerning RL enterprises who want to establish their offices inside virtual worlds. The reference to Second Life is pretty obvious but what's funny really is...they state that by 2013 there will be a huge increase in the number of business companies involved and that, in order to achieve better results, 70% of those enterprises will require their virtual employees to adhere to a very formal dress code, avoiding any type of clothing that can do harm to their respectable RL lookalikes.
2013? I know that the major companies who first came into SL as an experiment have escaped almost immediately the metaverse, due to the absolutely uneffective feedback and ridicolous increase in popularity. And the cause for this definitely wasn't the way their employees looked like. Plus, SL stats are falling down to the lowest in the last 3 years and it is very rare to hear of a major business company entering SL lately. So i am sorry Gartner inc., I am not going to spend 95USD and download the full report from your website 'cause you may just be ...totally wrong IMO :)


Even the Army goes to University!

No need for words really... have you ever seen troops at school? This is what they'd look like!

Hmm some guys in my students' group really needed to make it a funny class..

And no I am not in jail at the moment....but that was their intention..

why is it so difficult to behave in SL??

btw if you look carefully at the pics all names are hidden except one;)


Lazy morning, one of those you spend re-reading your posts and thinking how you could be so silly to write about silly things.
Ops, here 's another. WTF does this mean?

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Does this mean i have a copyright? Does this mean i can sue people who cut&paste from my blog(i wish they did, lol)? Is this just for me or is it for anyone who happens to join a free blogger account? Does this mean that CSS, TeknoMobi and Orcun are my business partners and why havent they called me yet? Does this mean i am just too lazy to read the Blogger T.o.S. and find out by myself?

Well, in the end, who cares? It's just so nice to see that (c) in between brackets.

back to real life now. :(



PREMISE: all i can do in Second Life, make friends, talk on voice, teach and translate. Some say the best thing i can do in here is just to be a PAIN IN THE ASS, but I prefer not to overestimate myself. Anyway I 've never used the right click button much, except for when i need to 'SIT' or open a profile. Isn't that sad? Believe me, I felt a lot sadder when i tried to build a red mailbox and ended up naming it 'red hammer' because a hammer is what it looked like in the end.

Being a SLtech-noob isn't really bad anyway. You can always use it as an excuse, when friends are building for you and need some help. Advice: at least don't stand in their way when they're camming close to a tiny object,as they can get really angry at times.

Now, unfortunately i have to learn how to right click more often. My new job requires some SLtech knowledge and i have to admit, even if teaching is basically done on voice, a few tricks can be helpful and can save me a lot of time.
So, I asked my friend Josh (a teacher of scripting) a little help for the setup of a Notecard Giver, which is useful when you have a class of 20 in front of you and need to pass a notecard to all of them one by one. I allowed myself a half hour to understand(lol) how it worked, and thanks to Josh and his patience i managed to put all the little bits together and in the right place. I can't explain how I felt, but I am pretty sure Leonardo da Vinci must have felt the same after the completion of his beloved Mona Lisa. Except I don't think painting a masterpiece can be THAT BORING.
But then.. Josh had to go.. and i was left all alone to practice with my new right-click thingee. I was at some friends' place and i didn't want to do any damage to their nice land so i decided to move to a sandbox. Chose the last one on the list, 'cause less the lag, better the experience. YAY! it was absolutely empty and all for me. Rezzed the thing, right clicked and then...

"JOSH??? where are you? why isn't the thing working NOW???".

Josh was gone and I couldn't find any help anywhere in my friend's list. Typical of me, when i think I know enough, that's when i have to start reading the book all over again. Except for this time. I realised it wasn't me at all. The friggin' sandbox was NO SCRIPT! i mean, NO SCRIPT! And WTF is a SCRIPT?? okay, a script is a THING written in a LANGUAGE that allows some objects to do what they're supposed to do. In my case, give out notecards. So i tried another sandbox, and then another. And then another. All were no script! As far as i know a sandbox has got to be a place for builders and a place for whoever wants to try new stuff they 're building. Script are a big part of it. Houses have sliding doors and windows, Tv sets and showers and bath tubs. They all have scripts. Now WHY? Why most sandboxes are NO SCRIPT? Sadly enough, Second Life is full of grievers, and sandboxes are a griever's paradise. It's easy there to use scripts the wrong way and there isn't any security, so people get often shot in the head by a russian automatic rifle while they 're trying to make those 4 walls match the size of the roof. Optimistic as always, i found a script-enabled sandbox, but i ended up being hit by huge bullets shaped as SuperMario. I liked SuperLuigi more but i didnt manage to send an IM to the guy and complain.Okay the point is: builders have their land, and they build there in peace. But what about all the wanderers in Second Life? Do we always need to OWN/RENT land to have full permits in SL? How can i practice my building now that i have a growing passion for it? (lol)

I think i 'll find a solution but all the newcomers in SL won't find it easy to learn how to 'right click'.


A few words on... Love.

At first Love is infatuation. Love is curiosity and exploring, Love is when you wake up and smile for no reason.

Then it becomes butterflies in your stomach, then it becomes the need to give everything you got because you know you will have it back someday. Even if you think you're hopeless.

Then, Love is..walking hand in hand, spending hours just staring at each other in the rain.

Then, Love is when you can't stand being half the world away and decide to make a video of 2 avatars in a virtual world, no matter if it's the most childish thing you 've done since your high school years.

Then Love is...sharing the same thoughts, dreaming the same dreams, working together to make them come true.

Then Love is.. accepting the differences, adjust to them, managing to fill the gaps with all what you heart suggests.

Then Love becomes Perfection, and soon after that it becomes Respect.

Respect is that thing that manages to get you through the worst in life, and makes you feel content when, once you 're grey and old, you' re both sitting by the fireplace, watching your grandchildren play hide and seek. Respect is never granted.

But since Perfection doesn't belong to mankind and Respect is hard to earn..Love is also made of mistakes and apologies.

Mistakes happen all the time, apologies don't. Mistakes hurt, apologies sometimes hurt more.

Especially when you think they aren't really needed, but your wounded heart says you have to ask for them.


Or maybe yes. EUWWW!!!

(and yes that guy wearing donkey ears is me)


have a look at the Second Life Blog!

I never knew the difference between "Payment info on file" and "Payment info used". That's funny!

RL Locations.

Due to my recent involvement with Moonlight University, I have met more italians in SL in the last week than in the past 2 years and a half-and-a-bit. Being able to escape my RL location has always been one of the reasons I love Second Life above all. But i was checking one of my student's profile last wednesday and I got suddenly intrigued by one of the places listed in her pics page. It happens to be a particular location (a beach) in my RL city, and I so wanted to go have a look at the place! Lesson ended and I hit the TP's what i saw:

Now, this is the actual place:

Erm, it doesn't matter if some of you think the pixelled beach looks better than the real one, lol. But i mean...WTF? Is it right to name places in SL after actual RL places and then not even bother to make them look at LEAST somehow similar to reality?
Apart from the palm trees and the black lamps on the seafront walk, nothing looks quite right, really(you might want to click on the RL pic to enlarge it and see what i am talking about). And no, i didn't expect to find the horrible TV antenna in the background but geez, I often used to go check places in the grid just to see what they could look like in RL and this one place here definitely doesn't do a favour to my beloved RL location. GRR!

Instead, here is a good example. The place is Milano Vera in SL compared to actual Milan:

Funny to notice that even the CLOUDS look just the same, lol ;)
And no matter if the guys at Milano Vera decided to build the disco right in the middle of the square, actually i think it would be a great idea to have a disco there in RL too, lol.

I think i 'll go explore places these days, beginning from those places I have already visited in RL(it's a long list), and if i find something funny there i will post it straight away.