Thanks to the Emerald SL viewer, I now know that i am 801 days old.It's not that i couldn't do the count myself, and of course the day-count isn't the reason why I recommend you download Emerald. It has many advantages you can find out yourself, but the best thing for me is that Emerald is, strangely enough, lighter than the default viewer, and allows my old&crappy laptop to run 2 SL windows at the same time with just 2 gigs of RAM and a couple of other applications in the background.

Anyway, back to the 801 days I spent in here, I thought I could do some more counting. Easy counting. Measuring the time in days, I tried to figure out how many days I have worn the same pieces of clothing! I know, it looks like an impossible thing to do for most Slers, but me being a special case, I just changed my clothes depending on the events that occurred from time to time, so that now i can summarize it, with these amazing end results:

Number 1 : an amazing total of 160 days. It's the Frank's place jazz suit, that i wore during my workdays there as a host. It came with multiple jackets and ties, so that i could vary my looks if *only* i wanted, lol.

Number 2 : 100 days. Jeans and polo t-shirt from AITUI, a gift from a crazy bunch of guys then known as 'the family', after a one month long fight to make me change my clothes.

Number 3 : some unbelievable 300 days ca. Nice jeans, shirt, tie and vest. Gift from Banana, and then she kindly threatened to unpartner me if I hadn't worn it. Ask her for a LM if you like them, lol.

Number 4 and 5 : These cool shirt, jacket and jumper (the white one gives me the penguin look i know) I have been wearing the last 30 days, just to feel the thrill of it.

Now, I never believed in Karma, but I guess I really should start to. Such a lazy shopper I am, 3 days ago I randomly joined the Bitch Tail Midnight Mania board, just to help increase the number of participants to 500, the minimum requested by the organizers.
Woke up the following day, with a flashy 500 L$ bonus credit card in my pixelled wallet:

OPPS! Did I just write 500L$? hmm, yeah,that was the supposed amount. But have a closer look at the amount on the credit card..don't you think 3 zero's after a 5 are better than just 2??
Thanks a lot, Bitch Tail. And many more thanks to your sales manager, I just hope you don't fire him 'cause mistakes sometimes happen for a good reason. ME!!!

In the end, i walked home with 5 new outfits and a dozen of custom motorbikes, the pink one being my favourite...

Have a nice time in SL you all :)

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Amie Adamski said...

Hey you worked at Franks-I work there now, don't think I was around when you were though.

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Omg you didn't change clothes for 300 days! I have gone about a week without changing clothes before... lazy to change, but I'll change depending on the situation/event or if I get bored of the outfit.

I'm not surprised though coz many of the guy avis I know hardly change clothes. Including my guy alt... but then he only gets logged in when I want someone to try out couples poses with me, lol!

Banana's Hubby said...

@ Amie : i worked there in December-January 2007-2008! There 's even an official 'italiani di Frank's place' group i founded back then.

@ Quaintly : I know, Q. Each time I open my 'clothing' folder, I make sure I've had enough coffee to keep me awake during the process of changing clothes. It's hard, so hard.