Moon&Josh, Thank you!

Oh, yes. Whatever our background is, we are in SL for one main purpose. To avoid being forced to live a first life all day long, and this implies we get rid of all the stress, problems, pay the rent, and we don't even have to drive to work, 'cause we can fly there. If married, we can also pretend not to have a wife/husband to care for. In brief, we are free.

But there's a couple I know, who doesn't agree at all. In fact, despite knowing that ending up being unhappily married/partnered in RL is the number one reason for the success of Second Life(/me was in the group), they decided to get married in SL, in a wonderful, perfect ceremony. My admiration goes to them, and my thanks too, because I really enjoyed being there to witness the start of their new life together.

*sorry, crappy pic, but lag was bad and my laptop couldn't handle to rez the whole chapel at once, lol

Moon and Josh, you guys were able to bring tears to my eyes yesterday.
May your love grow bigger and bigger everyday, and you be happy for the rest of time!

Tanti auguri di cuore!!

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