CONFESSIONS of a wannabe BLOGGER Part 2.

OMG OMG! I entered the blogosphere 2 weeks ago and it's been a blast!I managed to keep a good pace, like 2 posts/day but..erm yesterday was the first day i didnt really have anything to post about in here. Gawd is this normal? i am asking you, experienced bloggers - has this ever happened to you too? What do you usually do when you have ran out of interesting things to share? Am i the only one who can blog about nothing? (lol)

I guess I haven't been in SL enough these days to be able to blog about something, nice or bad. Even though my friends at Moonlight University are expecting a big post about my first days of work there...

So what am I doing here? I know what I am doing here, I 'll blog about blogs! The blogger community is big and diverse, but I can surely say all bloggers have something in common...and this thing I call the 'IKNOWITALL' syndrome. I know this is not going to increase my already a-little-more-than-zero popularity (despite being helped by Sweethearts Jazz) but I definitely find it easy to detect in each blog I read, that little sense of superiority residing in every respectable blogger's soul.
It doesn't surprise me, after all. To be able to blog, means to be able to have a view on life, first or second. Consequently, each of us guys develops a point of view, and also develops some good criticism with a need to share it. So it's nice to read away, and everything is cool, everything is what it has to be, everything shines in that little spot of their Second Life... then all of a sudden the mishap happens. For some mysterious reason there is always something that wrecks the moment: a guy is annoying them all on local chat, some guy's translator causes major sim-wide lag and freezes everyone around, or simply some builder's skills weren't that good when he decided to upload sucky textures for that wall bordering the property. I dare you guys, find a blog that doesnt feature the 'iknowitall' syndrome. Ah maybe this is just my 'iknowitall' moment right now, so no exceptions...

Anyway (!) if it is so, it has to be so. For life can be sometimes boring, and we all need a boost of self-confidence by making a fool of someone else, even if it is just for a few minutes. Or a few lines.

So this is all for now, early morning post, and what could you expect more?
See you all later:)

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Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I now blog about once a week... so I think it is normal not to have anything to post about :p

Sometimes it's not that I have nothing to post, but I don't have the time to write anything. Spending time with friends in SL, shopping, hunting, then writing, taking pictures, getting the pictures ready to be posted... it all takes a lot of time.

Banana's Hubby said...

That's true. Time is an enemy in SL and on here. But whenever i feel like blogging i just interrupt what i am doing at the moment and start writing. Mostly because i 'd hate to forget and then let go the blog-worthy thing!
But i guess this is just typical :)

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I probably should do that more often but I like to think and ruminate and plan my blog posts... (yes I am anal about my writing! Oops)

Banana's Hubby said...

Being anal about your writing is good, /me thinks! i 've noticed a certain degree of 'perfection' in your posts, lol ;)
I really think I should improve my PICs skills, but i am too lazy for that. Gawd, will a 'third' life be easier than the first and the second? lol

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

My pics were terrible when I started blogging. I was always apologising for them, lol!

Good SL pics are mostly a matter of lighting, I think - lighting in SL is tricky. I like how Windlight has made it easier to adjust the lighting and stuff.

As for my writing, I used to write features for a RL newspaper. For four years. Maybe I'll blame my analness on that :p