For you M.

Wow, Second Life.

When you think you ‘ve been thru all kinds of emotions, events, when you think you are experienced enough to handle whatever may come your find out that this electronic thingee you’re typing onto and those copper wires on the floor are always there ready to surprise you, or shock you for some reason.

I was busy commenting on London’s post about RL identity tonight, when I logged on SL and found a few offline IM’s.

(Avatar name is altered, *no translation* needed for the Italian viewer interface )

-- Registrazione degli Instant Messages abilitata --

[13:55] Mandy McCallen: You were nice to me, for that i will always remember you

[13:56] Mandy McCallen: Now I have to leave, you are all in my prayers

[13:56] Mandy McCallen è Offline

This woman I met by chance at some friends’ place, and after a short conversation she offered to help me with my teaching activity in SL, providing my boring and monotonous dissertations on grammar with some pleasant Irish accent/native English pronunciation exercises. I appreciated her spontaneous effort at helping me (she refused to get paid for it), and noticed it was beginning to become very important to her. I could tell by the tone of her voice, and by some other conversations we have had during the few days of our friendship. She shared some sad details of her RL, and how much SL provided an escape to all the S**T she is going through at the moment. I can undoubtedly say….SL was just making her life a happy one.

Now she is gone, and for ever.

Damn SL, we will never be good enough. ‘Cause there is no way ANYTHING like this can happen in my RL, and I wasn’t prepared for it.

Just in SL, damn SL.

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Quaintly Tuqiri said...


She could just have left SL? Not necessarily something more... permanent.

But it is very hard even when friends are only leaving SL. It's hard to continue the friendship out of SL because SL is the common ground for most of us. *hugs again*

Banana's Hubby said...

Well she appears to have left SL, and that means she won't be back whatever the case is.

thanks for the hug :)