No pun intended. She is just my Banana.

Number 10. 'Cause she can feel really disappointed when her new neighbor puts a yucky black castle-thing right in front of her pretty store and all you want to do is to bomb it straight away.

9. 'Cause instead of bursting into tears, she then decides to make it up by adorning her pretty little land with some funny colored mushrooms and a small pond just on the border of the property.

8. 'Cause there is no better place where she could start whispering sweet little nothings in my ears...

7. ...or start jumping on the mushrooms as if they were a trampoline!

6. 'Cause no matter what she is busy with, she always finds the time to build Quaintly a custom sandbox...

5. And then allowing me to go mushroom hunting on my pink chopper!

4. 'Cause despite knowing that women drivers rhymes with women riders, she wants to give it a try herself..(look at the passenger's frightened face)

3. Cause she is the only one capable of jumping the hills like that..

2. And 'cause when it comes to riding a bike, she doesn't mind violating the sacred steps of a french church...

1. Most of all, the number 1 reason to love a Banana is...'cause after a tiring day like that, she won't just say good night and log off. There is always time for a last dance, until the morning comes.

'Cause morning will come.
I love you baby, ti amo tanto.

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Anonymous said...

Baby, thats so cute, thankyou! Didnt we have SO much fun on the motorbike?! I am still laughing - tho I felt seasick all night. lol
Ilu2. Mi manchi tanto.

London Spengler said...

See? Now there is a post about Banana, your blog isn't lacking anymore ;-)

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

*laughs at London's comment*

Omg mushrooms! I waaant! *flies down from sandbox to inspect*

I have a pretty, magical sort of garden I made for myself to relax in. If you are looking for other landscaping stuff I might be able to suggest some places to visit... just let me know :)

Thank you thank you thank you for the sandbox, I feel warm inside and happy every time I TP there to use it! *dances*

Banana's Hubby said...

@ Quaintly : yvw, and btw I 've tried your pose stand too, the one you left in the sandbox. Luckily for you, I havent found a way to make it work, lol!

@ London : wise words, London. You 've pushed me to show Banana a lil' more blog-love. But if you go back to my very very first post in September, you 'd find the explanation of my name and all the things my blog is supposed to lack of...;) but probably you hadn't read it! And there's one post i am sure you had read, the one about the '20 items i use in my inventory', which shows even a 'cut&pasted' convo between me and her.
Anyway, /me bows at London!

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

*laughs* Oh that pose stand has no poses! It just keeps the avatar stationary so I can adjust my hair/jewellery/skirt/etc. I'll put out a pose stand with guy poses for you to try ;)

Banana's Hubby said...

oh, jewelry. i might think about that too. lmao

London Spengler said...

As I said, I did read your posts... well, peeked at them... and you got me, I hadn't read your "first post" post, it was full of little gray thingummies against a gray background, and it didn't have any photos!

Anyway, if I had noticed in time I wouldn't had made the "lacking" slip, and things wouldn't had been so fun, don't you think?

/me curtsies back.

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Not getting to the sandbox today... spent some time with a friend and now crashing to bed. Tomorrow. Pose stand with guy poses. Promise :D

Banana's Hubby said...

That's ok Q.! Female poses were worth a shameful blogpost. Male poses would just imply I 'm taking this modeling thing too seriously! And gawd, we don't want that! ;)