"Jinius" Jenni Movies :))

This is what friends are for...

Jenni is a very special one. She really knows how to have fun in SL and never get bored. She 's been everything and anything, an entrepreneuse, a shopping-addict, a builder, a dating service manager, and ultimately a spiritual minister too...LOL (winks). Most of all she is a true friend, who always shows me her affection no matter what she is busy with in SL. This is Her last invention:

HOW COOL IS THAT??? Well she has tried to explain how she makes it...she gets RL movies and then uploads them into her cinema thingee, dunno if there's any copyright infringment there, 'cause you can call it 'private viewing in a virtual world' and the trick is done. The resolution was kinda like HD really and it impressed me quite a lot. Definitely the best video player i have ever seen.

LOL yeah that pale round skin and that red head are jenni and I watching movies!

there's even a friendly but scary giant spider giving us shivers in the dark...called Blinky:)

Now what? I just have to convince her to upload the Back to the Future Trilogy. Wonder what a DeLorean's flames look like on a virtual screen!


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