She is not the reason why I teach english in SL :)

One interesting thing in becoming a blogger after 2 whole years of a Second Life, is that you can think and re-think the past, allowing good and bad memories to come back into your mind. Only difference, now you have THE way to let them out and share them to the world. Today is a bad memory's day, lol. I remember bumping into this unbelievably self-centered-wannabe-diva and overpixellated-avatar while hanging out at some super popular club, and this was looong time ago. I was just waiting for my special one(*no need to mention her name, lol*) to log in and have our daily 10 minutes romantic dance, but i couldnt avoid to notice Sensua. Erm, no, not because of her looks.
Not because of her sexy AO.
Not because of her charming bling.
Not because of her smart chat lines and tempting gestures.
>Since she seems to dislike updating her profile(oh, what a turn off!), I can show it to you exactly how it read more than a year ago:)
Now you tell me what kind of woman can have such a Second life profile page.

Now, methinks..what's the best in Second Life? Being fluent in English? Oh come on, it can't be much of a problem in here. We got real time translators, we got schools, and you could also fall in love with a nice guy from a foreign land, and decide to speak his language instead. You just don't know how fascinating it could be.

So i decided to move on to her Interests' page, hoping to be delighted by her wit again.

Oh, you want to be free. How original and real.
Oh, you 're sarcastic, i think i know that by now. And you can be mean to men!
Oh, you speak English....HEY WAIT A MOMENT!! WTF?? what's the problem with you!!! Again,
you can be that mean to foreigners, milady..GRR. I will excuse you only if you can prove you were Borat's girlfriend before he made the movie.

And now very intrigued to have a look at your first life..

COOL!! what can i say , Sensua. Voltaire gave you a good advice, for sure you 've accomplished the first part, but it's a long way for the second!!!

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Ana Lutetia said...


It's the first time ever I've read something like that in a profile.

Portuguese resident that doesn't have English as a first language,
Ana Lutetia

Banana's Hubby said...

Yes it's quite impressive.

anyway, you didn't need to specify Ana, i think i know who you are ;)

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Ana is famous! *grins*

There are some really intolerant people out there. And I have to say that I've met native English speakers who have lousier spelling and grammar than people who do not speak English as a first language. (I teach English too :P)

Banana's Hubby said...

no matter where we are from, it's always funny to mispell anything and then claim it's a typo. It's part of SL, i think. And yes, thanks Quaintly for reminding me i have to add Ana Lutetia to my blog roll!

Ana Lutetia said...

Thanks for the add! :)

I hate
narrow minded ethnocentric people. I do wonder how people like this will fully enjoy SL? If they want to be locked inside their own bubble, why signing up?

Banana's Hubby said...

Erm...Ana. I have an answer to your question..ever heard of people who use SL to catch up quick in RL? Now I don't know if this is the case, but makes me wonder.. lol.

thanks for stopping by :)

Prad Prathivi said...

Oh wow.. why didn't they just put "Hi - I'm here in this social platform to be incredibly insociable." and get it done with.. sheesh.

Banana's Hubby said...

yes and why not add 'Don't even dare to be a blogger if english is not your first language' ?