Not for the faint of heart!!

Thanks to Banana and her neverending blogroll I literally bumped into this Flickr post.
I recommend reading it, though it's a bit harsh, and definitely her (Nicole's) own point of view. But I agree on some points, as I have always felt sad looking at people who lose the balance between they RL ego and the reflection of it into the metaverse. Too bad this person, Nicole, appears to have left Second Life, because no loss of balance can't be recovered with time. Take a deep breath, and read:

What SL should look like

I had a long conversation with probably one of the only people in my life who's ever been honest to me.He helped me see something, that I did not want to see. I. Hate. Avatars. This is what SL should look like. We should not know that there is land. We should not know that there are skies, or stars.Fly up a few thousand meters. Do this: Advanced - Turn Off Skies. He reminded me: "Even the stars are fake" SL should look like infinite space. The problem with SL, is that, it is fundamentally broken. We still know that we have avatars. We still know that there is land below us. We still know that there are avatars all over the grid. SL is too internalized. We all keep looking inward. There is no way to escape it. Take an honest moment with yourself and ask yourself. Why are you really here? You can not escape the fact that. You're just hiding. It does not matter what you are "doing" there. You are still there for what? Your OWN reasons. YOURSELF. Reconnect with yourself. STOP PROJECTING YOURSELF onto a you that will never be. Stop using your fucking sliders. Stop using your fucking clothing inventory. Stop taking picture after picture, of your "hot" little avatar. Face it. It's not you. Your pictures are lovely, I'm sure you like to look at yourself, just, STOP IT. IT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. I will not be using my avatar anymore. If you do see me, I will be my light ball, and that is all. I am not going to pose for you. I am not going to pretend to be something I am not. I will speak to you as myself. I am not some cartoon character in your imaginary little world filling some role that you've imagined me to be. I am not saying SL is entirely useless. I am just saying that SL has made you all sick. Whether you realize it yet or not. This is true. I for one am not going to imprison myself in avatar. SL should look like this. Infinite space. It should expand peoples minds and stimulate creation in a void of space. Ask yourself... why do people keep buying land, clothing, hair. Why do you keep trying to fill your life with fake "real life" items? What purpose does it serve? Is it comforting to have something you can't have in Real Life? Think of it this way. YOU DON'T and WON'T ever really have it. You are paying other people to lie to you.


I speak it.

Don't like.

Don't comment.

Thanks for listening


Actually, I am pretty sure she will come back into SL.
Nicole, if you 're ever gonna read this, send me an IM!!

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