PREMISE: all i can do in Second Life, make friends, talk on voice, teach and translate. Some say the best thing i can do in here is just to be a PAIN IN THE ASS, but I prefer not to overestimate myself. Anyway I 've never used the right click button much, except for when i need to 'SIT' or open a profile. Isn't that sad? Believe me, I felt a lot sadder when i tried to build a red mailbox and ended up naming it 'red hammer' because a hammer is what it looked like in the end.

Being a SLtech-noob isn't really bad anyway. You can always use it as an excuse, when friends are building for you and need some help. Advice: at least don't stand in their way when they're camming close to a tiny object,as they can get really angry at times.

Now, unfortunately i have to learn how to right click more often. My new job requires some SLtech knowledge and i have to admit, even if teaching is basically done on voice, a few tricks can be helpful and can save me a lot of time.
So, I asked my friend Josh (a teacher of scripting) a little help for the setup of a Notecard Giver, which is useful when you have a class of 20 in front of you and need to pass a notecard to all of them one by one. I allowed myself a half hour to understand(lol) how it worked, and thanks to Josh and his patience i managed to put all the little bits together and in the right place. I can't explain how I felt, but I am pretty sure Leonardo da Vinci must have felt the same after the completion of his beloved Mona Lisa. Except I don't think painting a masterpiece can be THAT BORING.
But then.. Josh had to go.. and i was left all alone to practice with my new right-click thingee. I was at some friends' place and i didn't want to do any damage to their nice land so i decided to move to a sandbox. Chose the last one on the list, 'cause less the lag, better the experience. YAY! it was absolutely empty and all for me. Rezzed the thing, right clicked and then...

"JOSH??? where are you? why isn't the thing working NOW???".

Josh was gone and I couldn't find any help anywhere in my friend's list. Typical of me, when i think I know enough, that's when i have to start reading the book all over again. Except for this time. I realised it wasn't me at all. The friggin' sandbox was NO SCRIPT! i mean, NO SCRIPT! And WTF is a SCRIPT?? okay, a script is a THING written in a LANGUAGE that allows some objects to do what they're supposed to do. In my case, give out notecards. So i tried another sandbox, and then another. And then another. All were no script! As far as i know a sandbox has got to be a place for builders and a place for whoever wants to try new stuff they 're building. Script are a big part of it. Houses have sliding doors and windows, Tv sets and showers and bath tubs. They all have scripts. Now WHY? Why most sandboxes are NO SCRIPT? Sadly enough, Second Life is full of grievers, and sandboxes are a griever's paradise. It's easy there to use scripts the wrong way and there isn't any security, so people get often shot in the head by a russian automatic rifle while they 're trying to make those 4 walls match the size of the roof. Optimistic as always, i found a script-enabled sandbox, but i ended up being hit by huge bullets shaped as SuperMario. I liked SuperLuigi more but i didnt manage to send an IM to the guy and complain.Okay the point is: builders have their land, and they build there in peace. But what about all the wanderers in Second Life? Do we always need to OWN/RENT land to have full permits in SL? How can i practice my building now that i have a growing passion for it? (lol)

I think i 'll find a solution but all the newcomers in SL won't find it easy to learn how to 'right click'.


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Quaintly Tuqiri said...

When you are at a sandbox, you can rez a platform or hollow box and then place it up in the sky, say maybe 500m or 1000m up. That should keep you safe from SuperMario bullets ;)

This is what I do: Rez a platform (ie. flatten out a cube and then stretch it, lol), then rez a cube ON the platform. Right-click either & choose "Edit". Hold "Shift" and click on the other object - both should be highlighted now. Go to Tools menu & select "link". Sit on the cube and right-click + edit the object: change the Z position coordinates to 500m (or whatever). That way you go up in the air together with your platform! When you get there, you can stand up. It's one of my favourite tricks.

Banana's Hubby said...

Thanks Quaintly for your precious advice. And that sounds like a LOT of right clicking! ;)

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Oh, before long you'll be so used to it that you won't even notice *grins* As mom used to say... practice makes perfect! ;)