A few words on... Love.

At first Love is infatuation. Love is curiosity and exploring, Love is when you wake up and smile for no reason.

Then it becomes butterflies in your stomach, then it becomes the need to give everything you got because you know you will have it back someday. Even if you think you're hopeless.

Then, Love is..walking hand in hand, spending hours just staring at each other in the rain.

Then, Love is when you can't stand being half the world away and decide to make a video of 2 avatars in a virtual world, no matter if it's the most childish thing you 've done since your high school years.

Then Love is...sharing the same thoughts, dreaming the same dreams, working together to make them come true.

Then Love is.. accepting the differences, adjust to them, managing to fill the gaps with all what you heart suggests.

Then Love becomes Perfection, and soon after that it becomes Respect.

Respect is that thing that manages to get you through the worst in life, and makes you feel content when, once you 're grey and old, you' re both sitting by the fireplace, watching your grandchildren play hide and seek. Respect is never granted.

But since Perfection doesn't belong to mankind and Respect is hard to earn..Love is also made of mistakes and apologies.

Mistakes happen all the time, apologies don't. Mistakes hurt, apologies sometimes hurt more.

Especially when you think they aren't really needed, but your wounded heart says you have to ask for them.

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Lionesse Vandyke said...

Awwww! this doesn't need words either;-) Great video:-)

Amie Adamski said...

Aww adorable :) You guys are too cute.