How many people know about your Second Life?

RL and SL. SL and RL. Are these just acronyms we use to read on profiles or have they some more profound meanings?
Okay, I am not going to bore you with the over-discussed topics of how much Second Life has enriched your real lives, or how much of your real lives should be shared inside your second ones. I bet there are hundreds of blogposts about this. Because it seems we talk about it a lot. We talk about our real lives in Second Life, always, even when we don't want to share a single thing. If we don't share any details, it doesn't mean we aren't giving any, because no matter what, we are telling people that we tend not to mix RL and SL for some unknown reason concerning our RL. It is always the first life merging into the metaverse. It's NEVER, or almost never, the metaverse merging in our First life.

Let's be honest.

How many of us are open to the world about SL? How many of us use to decline a night out with real friends, by honestly saying "Sorry mate, i have a bunch of avatars waiting for me inworld"? How many of us have told our families, colleagues, cousins, aunts and uncles that we spend a third of our daytime watching pixels dance on a poseball? How many of us have the guts to admit having found love(even the true one), friendship, or just meaningless fun inside some servers down there in San Francisco? Have you ever figured why no matter how much effort we make in hiding our real lives in SL, it will never compare to the effort we make in hiding SL from RL?
And if the answer is..."just a few of us", then why? If Linden Labs' invention is so precious to us, why do we need to hide it from the 'atomic' world?
I can only guess some of the answers, and of course people come to SL for the most various reasons so that it's impossible to even get a kinda comprehensive idea after all. But I am pretty sure the majority of us think that the outside world just can't understand.

No, they won't understand. Because Second life is best (if not only) understood when you are living it. If you are in it, and happen to like it very much, thats when the world starts refusing to understand and you think you'd better keep your mouth shut with everyone.

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Marnix Malifozik said...

Thoughtful post, fella. And very true.

Only one knows about my SL, and she doesn't get it at all. She tolerates it though.

Banana's Hubby said...

thanks mate. Considering I wrote it at 4:30 am on a sleepless night, lol.