Quintessential surprise:)

I knew my attempt at modeling on female poses would have scared someone. But in SL as in RL, the world is made of the weak and the brave. Among the brave, there is Quaintly, who not only appears not to have thrown her laptop out of the window after seeing my "tap my butt" pictures, but she 's just rezzed a male pose stand on the sandbox/platform that Banana built for her a few days ago (it's not that Banana isn't brave enough, she has just lost hope with time. Understandable).
Shall I take it as just kindness from Quaintly, or is this an encouragement to make me hit the 'snapshot' button again and again??
Since I am pretty good at making fun of myself, but I am definitely bad at taking myself too seriously, I will postpone the new modeling session for now. But I will do it, and blog it too! No worries if I am on your blogroll/feed, I will make it clear from the title that it's about me modeling again, so that you can choose wether to take the risk or not, lol :P

Thanks a lot Quaintly :)

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Quaintly Tuqiri said...

*grins* No worries. Arrrgh all the litter on the sandbox - Banana is going to kill me! *quickly picks up all the prims*