April 13th, 2007.

(2007 pic of Me and Banana in our very Noob days)

" Hey Banana. Do you know that if you dig a big hole in the ground where you are in NZ, and walk thru the core of the Earth, you 'll end up just here in my lounge in Italy?It's called antipodes."

If you consider this a good pickup line, then you will probably like me as a person. .

But to be my partner for 3 years? I dunno. Ask Banana.

I love you baby. Ti amo tanto. Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Speech by ReadSpeaker

Translator anyone?

Well this is funny. I dunno when and why I happened to get myself a "Ferd's google translator", but I checked and I have one in my inventory. I never used it. Oh maybe I have, since the name of my avatar is on their website,with roughly all the names of the people who have received one as well. It gives the date of purchase and the coords too. I wonder if the translator itself has some sort of tracker script in it, I am not enough a techie to investigate but that's what my first thought was about it.
Is this against the ToS? I think yes. If every store owner did the same, we would have our avatar's name scattered everywhere on google search, a very pleasant thing for those who are concerned about their privacy in SL.

SL mobile hunt.

Ok, ok, I know nothing about marketing. But this HAS GOT to mean something anyway..
According to my Google Analytics I 've received 243 visits in 5 months from people who googled 'Second Life Mobile' and they all found out that there isn't a mobile application yet. (erm, there is a SL-lite chat-based App for Iphoners but it's semi-official and doesn't work well).

So, dear Lindens, when am I going to give these guys some good news?

I am waiting...:)

I want FreeTube back!

So it isn't a joke. No april fools day. Second Life 2.0 is now the official viewer, and no one likes it. I liked the new user interface a lot, except for the few bugs which have been resolved with the following updates. But I agree with those who miss the old layout of profiles, I am a profile sneaker and it's kinda shocking to have them sliding from the right of the screen, and get to read them as if they were a newspaper article. GRR!

Anyway, we still got viewer 1.23.5 to use but...for how long? this morning I got a message on the startup screen saying that installing NOW the 2.0 will not overwrite the old one, and I believe this is the first time this happens. Freedom of choice, but again for how long?

For sure there's one thing we are all sad about.

Since the first release of SL 2.0, we 've lost FreeTube. Some say it's just a coincidence, some say it's not, fact is this wonderful machine is not working anymore. Thanks a lot Soy Nakamori, it's been good till it lasted. Now we can play Youtube videos on a prim, but there is no frigging way to hide the Youtube interface and it won't look like a normal TV set for sure.

On the other hand, Facebook runs just smooth on a SL prim. Lol isn't that just masochistic?

**HUGS** to all!