Translator anyone?

Well this is funny. I dunno when and why I happened to get myself a "Ferd's google translator", but I checked and I have one in my inventory. I never used it. Oh maybe I have, since the name of my avatar is on their website,with roughly all the names of the people who have received one as well. It gives the date of purchase and the coords too. I wonder if the translator itself has some sort of tracker script in it, I am not enough a techie to investigate but that's what my first thought was about it.
Is this against the ToS? I think yes. If every store owner did the same, we would have our avatar's name scattered everywhere on google search, a very pleasant thing for those who are concerned about their privacy in SL.

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Peter Stindberg said...

I actually don't figure out what makes Ferd tick. He has singlehandedly ruined a whole market segment in SL, and even defended that he did.

He pushed his translator (back then a rather inferior product) with a vengeance into the market, used highly priced paid advertisement to promote the free product, with any apparant commercial gain or interest.

This effectively killed all other translator HUD's which offered superior service and results.

To me it seemed like a crusade. All translator HUD's (including his own, and the ones built into Snowglobe or Emerald) use a Google API which must not need to be used commercially. I heard it mentioned that Ferd thinks all other translator HUD makers violate that license, and probably the conlcusion he drew was that he has an ethic right to kill that market.

What he did not seem to understand is that the other HUD's added tons of other features around the actual translation part, thus providing additional service that gets paid for.

The bottom line is, that now barely anybody buys a commercial translator HUD anymore, and apparently Ferd has lost interest in the project - no updates in almost 7 months.

However still today HUD's like Q-Translator or MH-Translator offer a wealth of functionality and useful features that go far beyond what built-in chat translation might give.