I want FreeTube back!

So it isn't a joke. No april fools day. Second Life 2.0 is now the official viewer, and no one likes it. I liked the new user interface a lot, except for the few bugs which have been resolved with the following updates. But I agree with those who miss the old layout of profiles, I am a profile sneaker and it's kinda shocking to have them sliding from the right of the screen, and get to read them as if they were a newspaper article. GRR!

Anyway, we still got viewer 1.23.5 to use but...for how long? this morning I got a message on the startup screen saying that installing NOW the 2.0 will not overwrite the old one, and I believe this is the first time this happens. Freedom of choice, but again for how long?

For sure there's one thing we are all sad about.

Since the first release of SL 2.0, we 've lost FreeTube. Some say it's just a coincidence, some say it's not, fact is this wonderful machine is not working anymore. Thanks a lot Soy Nakamori, it's been good till it lasted. Now we can play Youtube videos on a prim, but there is no frigging way to hide the Youtube interface and it won't look like a normal TV set for sure.

On the other hand, Facebook runs just smooth on a SL prim. Lol isn't that just masochistic?

**HUGS** to all!

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Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Not sure what FreeTube is, but I do know that YouTube videos won't play via SL tvs anymore because YouTube changed the way that their content can be accessed. It is nothing to do with SL or the Viewer 2.0.

According to Zone Brand, who sells [Zone] tvs:

The method used to bring YouTube in to SL requires the use of an intermediate server to create the required request from a standard YouTube url and pass the response back to SL viewers as an Mp4 file. YouTube appear to have changed the method they use to provide video urls in a way that uses IP filtering and encryption to block the use of intermediate servers.

From what I can see and have tested, the requesting IP address (currently intermediate server) must now be the same as the viewing IP address (SL viewers).If you have a look around the web you will see this effects not only SL but everything that does not use the YouTube embedded flash players.

If a fix can't be found then this will mark the end of "real-time" streaming YouTube with anything other than shared media in Viewer 2.0 as flash embedding will be the only way forward and is not supported by Quicktime.

There is more info and discussion on this issue in this forum thread.

Scribzy Daxter said...

You Can Get A copy of my SD Tube
which is the new free youtube player with touchscreen and full perm (bar script) from http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stereotype/76/42/23

Enjoy Scribzy Daxter