April 13th, 2007.

(2007 pic of Me and Banana in our very Noob days)

" Hey Banana. Do you know that if you dig a big hole in the ground where you are in NZ, and walk thru the core of the Earth, you 'll end up just here in my lounge in Italy?It's called antipodes."

If you consider this a good pickup line, then you will probably like me as a person. .

But to be my partner for 3 years? I dunno. Ask Banana.

I love you baby. Ti amo tanto. Happy 3rd Anniversary!

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4 commenti:

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

LOL, real smooth, Midd. Congrats to you both and happy anniversary!

Lionesse Vandyke said...

Happy 3rd anniversary to the both of you!!! So nice to see couples last for a long time, me and my hubby had ours a couple of months ago:-))

Marnix Malifozik said...

Nice pick-up, fella.
Although you know it's geographically wrong right? (lol)

Definitely Gibbs said...

@ Dr. Q: Thanks a lot! to be honest, she was avatar-watching at an italian sim and i happened to be the only one who could put 3 english words together and make some sense(?). That gave me a little advantage over competition, lol.

@ Lionesse: thanks!! and congrats to you 2 too. Nice to know Banana and I aren't the only 3yr-old couple in SL.

@ Marnix: Of course I know...Erm I 'm sure I told her about giving the hole a right turn at some point, or she would end up in Ibiza. Still better than Chatham islands (thats where I would end up,lol)