OK!! I said OK!!! I have been a dick.

As any respectful blogger would do, i am trying to find ways to promote(promote/advertise, there 's a difference IMO) my blog lately. And one of these ways is the most common of all....wearing a Flip Title inworld. I chose it red, showing the URL of N.B.K. and it looked funny! :)
I TP'ed myself to places, just random ones and people seemed to be nice to me everywhere. I know some Sims do not allow flip titles but i don't know why (or i know why?lol) I then decided to hit the TP button to SWEETHEARTS. Landed there, said hi, and got ejected in 3 minutes, without any warning. I TP'ed back there and Imed the hostess, Blossom Morgath, just to make sure it was an ejection for advertising. She apologised for not being able to warn me in time, and said it had been a decision of the owner, Sir Dilbert Dilweg. I removed the flip title immediately, had a friendly chat with Blossom and everything seemed to be alright for the following half hour.
On the following day, Banana invited me for a dance and I suggested...SWEETHEARTS!(not that we go there much anyway, lol) Roughly 24 hours after wearing a flip title for approx 3 minutes there, i found myself on the BAN list. How cool is that?
So this is the IM convo with Blossom Morgath, who is also co-manager there and a very nice person:

2:34] Banana's Hubby : hi Blossom, any idea why i got banned?
[2:35] Banana's Hubby : i removed the flip title as soon as i realised it wasnt allowed:)
[2:35] Blossom Morgath: hey honey... I've got no idea... I didn't know you were...
[2:35] Blossom Morgath: yes I know you removed it... and you were able to come back...
[2:35] Banana's Hubby : yes and i stayed at SH for a half hour
[2:36] Banana's Hubby : today i found out i am banned. lol
[2:36] Blossom Morgath: yes...
[2:36] Blossom Morgath: you will need to ask the owners - Dilbert Dilweg or Charity Colville
[2:36] Banana's Hubby : i have Imed him but he hasnt replied despite showing online
[2:37] Banana's Hubby : i dunno really cos he didnt ban me yesterday
[2:37] Banana's Hubby : he banned me today. lol
[2:37] Blossom Morgath: oh it's pointless sending an IM... you need to send him a notecard honey
[2:38] Banana's Hubby : okay i will. But in case i mention your name, will you confirm that i removed the flip title right after our talk?
[2:38] Blossom Morgath: yes honey, I will
[2:38] Banana's Hubby : okay:)
[2:39] Blossom Morgath: I hope you get it sorted
[2:40] Banana's Hubby : erm its weird cos he didnt give me any warning before ejection and before the ban. i only talked to you because I Imed you. and i removed it straight away

Well, dear Sir and Mister Dilbert Dilweg. Thank you anyway because now i know just another way to increase traffic on my blog. Since it seems it's very easy to get banned from your fine place, i guess there must be hundreds of poor fellows gridwide and worldwide like me who are googling 'BANNED FROM SWEETHEARTS" at any moment.

So i think it's just a matter of choosing the right key words for today:))

Second Life Mobile. Update!

Again for all of you SL addicts who wish to play SL while on the move, here is an update.
In a previous post i mentioned the Vollee mobile SL client, which is currently down. No news from Vollee yet, so i thought i would give everybody a quick hint.
For all Iphone users, you can access SL (just local chat, IM's, TP's) on the already well known website. It works pretty well on Iphones and the touch screen is perfect for it.
For all of you who do not own an Iphone, there is a chance for you too. Of course you need a high end device anyway, Symbian or Windows mobile OS's (Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, HTC, etc.) and all you need to do is download(free) and install the SKYFIRE web browser from Once you 've managed to make it work on your phone, just go to ajaxlife and access SL. It is a little slower and laggier than the iphone experience, but still worth a try. All other default mobile browser do not support the flash animations used on ajaxlife, so Skyfire is the one and only. You can just use it for emergencies (lol), or just to send a quick hug to your special ones inworld (btw, Skyfire is one of the best mobile browsers on the market).
For all of you who just own a java enabled device...i am sorry but there isn't anything ready for you at the moment.

Anyway, I wonder why Linden Labs has developed the SLim viewer (lighter SL viewer with no graphics support, just chat and IM) for normal PC's, and yet there is no agreement with ANY mobile software developer for an official mobile SL viewer.

/me thinks... It's all about the Moola!!!

Ciao everyone!

TSUNAMI in the pacific ocean

Just heard about the heartquake near the pacific islands of Samoa.

Everything seems to be ok but my all prayers are for you Samoans, Aussies and Kiwis.


Have you ever wondered what's inside your avatar's head? Do we all have virtual brains in here? Will our avatars get their own Artificial Intelligence one day and steal our accounts? Will they wander by themselves in orgy rooms while we are working RL?

I guess here is the answer for now.

Amazingly enough, avatars have no brains.

Well my dear Philip Linden, if this is the message, i got it.

The not-so-live Concert

I got a group notice.

It said 'The Doors LIVE concert tonight at bla bla bla..'

I couldn't wait to go there!

Went there, stage was perfect, lights were on, people were screaming already.

THEN the music started.

And it was a CD. One of those i bought back in my high school years.I thought it was just an intro to the actual live show. It wasn't. I know some say Jim is still alive, but that was just a crappy CD while the notice said 'LIVE CONCERT'

I had to IM the band manager:

Banana's Hubby: "hello, is this a live concert or are you just playing a CD tonight?"

A. Destiny: "lol no CD, we are a LIVE tribute band!!!!"

Banana's Hubby: "HMM, i mean, is anyone going to perform live tonight?I have this CD here i can play it whenever i want and stream it just like you 're doing now.Is this a cover band?"

A. Destiny: "We have the best original live concert files, you won't find these in music stores"

Banana's Hubby: "hmm not sure about that.."

A. Destiny: "gee, thanks, lol"

Banana's Hubby: "don't worry i thought this was a live cover band"
Banana's Hubby: "now i know it's not:)"
Banana's Hubby: "Nice avatars tho"

A. Destiny: "So what are you saying? the REAL Doors aren't good enough? lol"

Banana's Hubby: "LOL!!! C'mon you know what i mean, i can play this same song everyday on my stereo. Live music is what i expected, but i talked to the owner here, i misunderstood the group notice.."

A. Destiny: "enjoy, we have a following of 5000, no worries, they seem very happy with our shows this is more than just playing a cd and btw its not tunes from a cd, i have live soundboard files"

Banana's Hubby: "WADEVAAAAA!!!"

I am sure i heard some guys in the audience say "wow his voice is so similar to the real Jim!!! Awesome!!" Well,I didn't want to ruin their day.

And BTW, the SLM MUSIC TRIBUTE BAND group has 323 members,but probably 5000 group notices..:(


Welcome back Nub!

My long time (2 years) aussie friend Kanubie popped up today after a long break from SL...She is one of the best people I 've ever met and a true kind hearted person. She 's saved me from quitting SL countless times and i have saved her from Slingo induced RL bankruptcy some other countless times. What more can you expect from a friend? It's great to have you back Nub! :))

And this is where we met tonight. Slingooooo!!!!


i am sorry J.A.F.A.'s are bad cooks, baby. We 'll have the best ones on *THAT* day:)

SL Adult Content Policy

The Adult Content Policy is now officially operative after months of studies, research, blogposts, surveys and.. lots of advertising. *winks*
It is meant to make Second Life a safer place for teens and kids.

But i am age verified with an absolutely fake RL name and an absolutely fake driving licence number. I didnt even care about modifying data from a real driving licence, i just put the first 10 or 11 numbers that i could think of.

Well done Linden Labs!

BTW, i am 31.

ROLEPLAY. Man vs Gor.

RolePlay and Second Life. For a large majority of SLers these 2 things are strongly linked to each other or better, they just mean the same thing. I have met avatars whose Second Life is a 24/7 roleplay area as they spam local chat with the third person "/me" thingee, which after a while annoys me 'cause i feel like i have to do the same but i can't, lol. Anyway, I have never been a fan of common RolePlay games in RL, therefore i kept my pixelled butt away from RP areas in SL and whenever anyone asked me to join, i explained i couldnt see myself acting like i am somebody else, 'cause i am too proud of who i am...and that's when they started to make fun of Anyway i enjoy to always learn everything about anything and what i find a little weird is..RP communities aren't really open to people who want just to learn more out of curiosity, it's more like a "you're IN or OUT" thing and it's very easy to be ejected without a warning as soon as they realise you aren't "IN" at all. As an example, i am definitely against slavery in RL so it's kinda intriguing to know how a Dom/Sub-Master/Slave relationship can be enacted in a virtual world of the 21nd century, and where the entertainment lies in that(since sex doesn't appear to be the main point, lol). In the end I have been told "You just can't understand" when the only reason I was there was TO understand. Or worse, I get to face the most common question of all: " Why do you need a Second Life if you just want to be yourself in here?". Ah well, too tired to go undust my books of sociology, mate.

But now i have found a way to know more, as one of my dearest friends has joined a Gorean roleplay community a while ago. She accepted to show me how things work down there and here is what happened...:)
(i won't mention the name of the Sim and the Gorean community, and to be honest i don't even know if the guys there know i was about to blog them, so SHUSH!)

This is the place and as you can see, it is very well built and definitely a pleasant land to explore.
(this is also when i got told off for saying "hi all", as visitors arent allowed to speak if not in ((brackets))

Then, i decided to have a walk around the place, and this is what i found...fishes again, but this time they were dead and ready to be eaten.
(this is also when i got told off for speaking to a slave, as slaves aren't allowed to start a random conversation at anytime. Btw it wasnt my fault 'cause she IMed me first.)

The walk continued and I cammed around a bit. This is when i finally realised what a slave is supposed to do when you (the master) are meditating:

Then, I got all excited because... i was just about to witness a collaring! Thats me trying to hide behind the wall in my 21st century clothes, and my friend Yesi keeping an eye on me.
(this is when i got told off for taking pictures. Cameras didn't exist in the Land of Gor, plus mine must have been a really noisy one)

Here is the slave, being prepared for the collaring..and he was actually screaming and begging to be set free.(couldn't help it,had to jump in the middle of the scene with no fear of being decapitated)

And this is it, the slave is finally collared and part of the World of Gor. He will do his best to serve the community and to please his Master. YAY! (and, thanks to the faulty animation i didn't even have to Gimp the slave's intimate parts, lol)

In the end, it all really seemed very theatrical, with lots of pauses and the longest chat lines i 've ever seen in SL. But well, Gorean definitely is a must-do for whoever enjoys history and a bit of sadism added. Thanks a lot Yesi for allowing me in the land.

As for me, i don't want to be a slave. And I don't want to be a master.
Anything else involving peanut butter, I AM IN!!!!

Effectiveness of Google Analytics

I definitely am a geography nerd. In fact, the only reason why i would really like to buy me a new and more powerful laptop get the chance to run Second Life and Google Earth there in the background as well. (OK OK for all of you guys whose machines are already capable of something like that, congrats!)

No wonder why i am loving using Google Analytics to look at the world map and see where all the visitors of my blog come from. But hey, is Analytics really 100% reliable? I did some research and the answer is no. There 's a lot of easy ways to avoid being tracked on the web, and most of them are just one click away from you. Most recent web browsers have options for private navigation, denying access to any kind of cookie ever on the net. Mozilla Firefox in particular has a bunch of add-ons that really can assure you the most anonymous browsing experience ever, lol. The "Ghostery" application for Mozilla detects all possible trackers and even lets you choose which one to allow and which one not to allow. "Ghostery" really changes the way you look at things in here. I mean, you think you 're in your room alone and then you find out you 're not, as a bunch of fellows you would never go out for tea with is already tracking you for the oddest reasons ever.
Of course, major companies using Analytics have big numbers and anonymous users are just a small percentage in the overall stats. But here in the blogosphere...things can become tricky ;)

Anyway, have fun you all!!

MOONLIGHT University

These guys are supposed to be my bosses/colleagues. Instead they are just some amazing guys who have welcomed me into their staff today...and i couldn't hope for better guys!!

Thanks a lot for the fun,


...and me:)

Italian/English Lessons start next tuesday, IM Moonlight Hirvi for info.

See you inworld!

What I want?

My inventory is a mess. I have 3,875 items there, but i usually use less than 20 of them. I think i have never ever created a folder by myself, and whenever i need something unusual, i don't even try scrolling down. I just try to remember what the thing is called and I allow myself 3 attempts to try and type the right name in search. Of course, when it comes to notecards and they are all named 'new note', search is useless and i can do nothing but open ALL of them one by one. How annoying. Except, tonight I managed to open the right one at the right moment:)

Banana: If we can't meet and i can't have you here, in my real life

Banana's Hubby: yes?

Banana: it doesn't mean i don't want you at all.

Banana's Hubby: so what should i do? Tell me.

Banana: I don't have all the answers.

Banana's Hubby: hey

Banana: I wish i did

Banana's Hubby: you have just said, it doesn't mean you don't want me at all..WHAT should i do then??

Banana: I think you need to listen to your heart.

Banana's Hubby: I am listening to my heart now, but i can't come there where you are in RL.

Banana: What does your heart want.

Banana: I mean
, really, really, WANT.

Now, this girl really has to have some hypnotising power. Don't you think?

Genderless love

Back in one of my previous posts, i have shown some pics of me trying different kinds of hair, and because of the weird combination of my skin/eye colour (or just because of my hard bald head) all the different versions of haired me were a little funny and worth a laugh. When commenting the absolutely un-natural blonde me, i wrote "and this is the hilarious and gay me.."

I have been told by friends that maybe referring to that look as "gay" could be slightly offensive to the gay community in SL...but it wasn't my intention to offend anyone.

So, now let's all read these few lines:

"Sweet, you are my life, my love and my everything. Looking into your eyes is magic and makes all the reasons we shouldn't be together fall away. When i am with you there is nothing else.
all my love,

This is a notecard i was asked to translate into spanish long time ago, and it had been written by a man to a man.

God bless genderless love:)

Back to the old habits...

As i said in my earlier posts (maybe the very first) one of the major reasons that pushed me into joining SL is language teaching. I have been teaching Italian (my native language) to english native speakers for a long period of time, joined language learning groups, private lessons and all. I even challenged myself in teaching Italian to Banana, so that you know how brave a man can be in life. She appreciated my intentions.

But now after a while being just a translator for Babel Translations in SL, i am back and behind a virtual desk again! I will be teaching Italian for native english speakers and English for italian native speakers at Moonlight University, starting next week.

Anyone interested please IM Moonlight Hirvi for further information:) See you there!

Who'd tell..

I was trying to blog the other day and as i logged on SL i got one of those random TP's from a friend, you know one of those people you add by chance and then stay on your friends list for ages, even if you don't talk much to each other for months. Okay, in this particular case it wasn't months, it was...a year and a half!! :)
And this girl also happens to be the closest (in terms of RL distance) person i have ever met in SL, so i accepted the TP just to see what it feels like to write a few chat lines in local RL slang.
Of course random TP's have a reason, and the reason this time was the promotion of a new italian SIM dedicated to fashion and general entertainment.
Ah, fashion. Catwalks. Models. Cotton, wool and bikinis. High heels and pret a porter. Since Banana decided to become a designer in SL, i admit i have developed a growing interest in SL clothes. Most of all i admire now the skilled creators in SL as i am now aware of the hard work required to make such beautiful items shine in the numerous stores Banana has taken me to.
But still, i thought it would take a lot more than a random TP to make me attend a fashion show in SL. Like, half a dozen pills of Prozac or a six-pack of the best chinese beer ever imported in Sri Lanka. But Princess (my friend) welcomed me just so nicely that i decided to give it a try. Surprise surprise, it has been one of the funniest evenings in ages!! There was a speaker on voice who described the dresses as the models crowded the catwalk one after another, and i felt a little out of place, sitting in the middle of experienced designers who kept commenting as if they were the real D&G at an informal meeting with Donatella Versace.

Arrow indicates the bald head:)

the show was extremely pleasant and absolutely lagless, the models were skilled and experienced and even a fashion-noob like me enjoyed the sight of the cool dresses presented by designer MEB. The staff was friendly and warm and the speaker on voice contributed to the show in a significant and funny way. The name of the Sim is ESSENZA ITALIA and english speakers are welcome.

Oh, i 'll be waiting for the next show, Princess. No chinese beer needed!


Hi everybody. Blogging is fun.WHY??


When you start blogging, you think you need to spend more time in SL and find more and more interesting things to blog about.

Then , while inworld you find your usual friends and they are all happy to chat to you for a while, and of course you can't deny none of them your appreciation.

But, you got some news to spread around and then you start cuttin&pastin the link to your blog to all of them, hoping they'd be proud of you.

Then you find a cool place and try to take a pic, but while you 're saving the snapshot those same friends are IMing you about places you should go give a check.

Then you realise your avatar was blinking and the snapshot isn't worth 10 Lindens but you have already paid for the upload.

People start sending you the links to THEIR blogs and you have to read them to meet their expectations, as they have met yours. Your IM hell becomes LINK hell.

Then you choose to blog later and talk to you friends instead, so that after they all log out, you will peacefully hit the 'Edit post' button.

When you click on the 'Edit post' button, it is probably...


a blue SL notice that reads like this

" You have paid 10L$ to upload"

OF course, you go to bed thinking that if you had kept using a Mac, none of this would have happened.



I guess it's time for a special post...
the wonders of SL have been able to keep me interested enough in the metaverse, but many times i have been tempted to give it up for some reasons. Now if i am still here it's because of the people i have met through the years, some true friends i cannot do without.
i have many friends inworld, some are just cool avatars i chat to from time to time, some are true souls that have touched my heart in many ways and have placed their special mark on my bald head long time ago.
Now that i am receiving their support and love in this new adventure of mine, i thought i owe them a few(!) lines and thank them for all what they do for me everyday.
Thank you Jenni, Bunni,Rae, Ro and Cope. Love you just as much as you love me! (so you 'd better keep it strong, lol)

quick check

if you can read this, means i can blog from my mobile phone. ah, god bless nokia. ciao!

Anyone's looking for hair?

Ok my avatar is bald. There is a reason for it, and i am not sure i want to share it. Let's say my first avatar couldnt find a way to get out of the noob look on day1, so he got a little nervous and ripped his hair off. Then the legend went on to the next avatar and here i am, bald head in SL..funny thing i noticed, whenever sharing some RL info with close friends and maybe even blessing them with my RL pic (lol), is that most of them think being bald in SL necessarily means you re bald in RL funny is that? Makes me wonder, probably no matter how crazy your avatar looks (not my case), avatar are perceived as a possible anticipation of what you may look in RL.
Anyway, i decided to try some hair today, just for fun, and this what came out of it:
(i am not sharing the names of the stores i 've been too, because the end results are embarassing!!)

this is the 'Chandler from friends' look, lol

this is a tribute to Michael Jackson's wig

this is the newborn Elvis...

and this is the hilarious blonde and gay me..

Last one is the rastaman!!

It's clearly not my fault.
I was born to stay bald in SL.

SL mobile.

One possible solution for the lack of body exercise while playing Second Life would be... a mobile SL viewer! Okay, okay i know for all of you SL addicts this would just worsen your addiction while allowing you a short walk in the park in the evening, just like those you used to have before downloading the SL client on your computers. Well, a little more than a year ago, this wasn't just a dream, it was a dream come true..have a look!(video is in spanish but..well no words needed really)

this was called 'Vollee SL client' for java, symbian mobile handsets and it worked in a very simple way. Vollee servers in California ran a normal SL viewer just for you, while sending the video streaming of your avatar's adventures right on your (expensive) mobile phone, via a high-speed 3G wireless connection. As you can see, the metaverse could fit a 3 inch screen in an acceptable way. The viewer only lacked the 'build' feature of normal SL, as for the rest....IM, local chat and TP's it all came easy to do just in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, Vollee filed for bankruptcy after a few months, and despite Linden Labs were supporting the release of the mobile client, it all puffed away at some point and no further news/updates were made public since then. (and this all happened a few days before i bought myself a symbian mobile, lol)

Pretty impressive? Yes definitely. Also considering the system requirements needed to run the normal desktop version of SL, and the frustrating crashes/faults/lag experiences we all go thru every now and then.
I ll keep an eye on Vollee, or better on its former CEO who is now currently working for a new software house in that wonderful place called Silicon Valley.

Funny but...scary.

i remember quite a while ago a cool french video about RL people acting like SL avatars in everyday RL situations. It was real fun to watch them speak and type in real, fly around office rooms leaning on a wheelchair, and pointing at things they wanted to right-click and buy. But now there 's this video on youtube, and it is a kind of reverse enactment of the previous one. Think about it, guys, whenever SL-riding a bike or SL-deer hunting, this is all the range of movements you are allowed in RL. And it all happens inside that same square meter spot.

Profiles and fishes...

Okay okay, talking about profiles, here is a bit of mine:
(note the inverted comas as i quote myself)

"Ah,dont ever take me scuba diving in SL.I did it once, and all i was supposed to do was to look at super fake roadsigns that were meant to be wild fishes in the indian ocean!"

I know it is quite rude to write smthing like that, but really the graphics capabilities of the numerous SL Viewers released in the years have never satisfied my expectations. I know we are talking about an ultra-nnovative online 3D environment, and that requires ultra-tera-giga-bytes capable servers to work, but hell, despite my best efforts in setting my laptop to the highest rendering option and drowning my avatar in huge lag, the best feeling i have got so far has been the one you 'd get living in a low budget japanese cartoon from the 80's.And i have tried better desktop PC's too, though my eyes were never amazed. Oh, now i remember. There was a place i used to go long ago, just to enjoy the sights, that place was Svarga,and had nothing to do with the rest of SL. Simply amazing light effects..but now it is gone.
I have read blogs and various websites on the topic, and many other agree. Linden Labs itself is well aware of the problem, since other virtual worlds are appearing on the market and all of them feature better graphics but less building/creating/interacting possibilities.

Anyway, i updated my profile long time ago, so thanks to my friend Bunni, this is the view i had today, and it is about fishes....

I have to say, since my last underwater experience, things have improved a lot. But still not enough. Maybe i 'll accept an invite to scuba dive now, just to see what it looks like now and maybe delete my lines on my profile..

Here is another example of close-to-reality textures for a tree. Or better, it is just the best tree i have seen so far:

Oh well, that bald head is ME:)

Byess to all:)

And this one...

this happens to be one of the best profiles instead. It comes from a very very close friend of mine, have a look:

How you know you've met Mr Seducer Bot:
-He wants to go pose ball shopping on your first date
-He looks "longingly into your eyes, his lips touching yours, on the way to capturing your soul" while IMing a blonde or three dancing behind you
-When you IM asking what he's doing, his reply -- trying to get out of a tight spot

Remember, it's easier to throw the undesirables overboard before you get them in the boat.

well done my friend. Of course you were the blonde dancing behind him ;)

Day 2. SL profiles.

Okay i made it past day 1, and here i am again :)
SL is a big place and there are endless possibilities to make what you want of it, but well it all starts from your chat lines. No matter what your interests are, you can't make your second dreams come true when you re not a good chatter nowadays. Same rules apply to RL, i know, but SL has something more...and these are profiles. Oh, how wonderful RL would be if only we could click on someone's shoulder (not mentioning TAGS) and see what they are like, the places they love the most and the experiences they have been through so far. Well, profiles are important. I know some guys who don't really care about them, and leave them blank, very alt like. I know guys who update them every day and they are never satisfied. I know guys who ask for professional help when writing/updating them because they think a good profile makes it easier to impress people around. As for me, i always used my profile to give basic information about me, my Second Life and a bit of my RL too. Of course i tried to add some funny comments in it, just to get some compliments around the grid and give people a reason more to IM me straight away.
But well, profiles can be tricky. Sometimes choosing for the simplest lines is never good enough, and when you think you have finally made it, there is no space left in the profile window to finish the last smart sentence that had just come to your mind. What then? Is there a way to bypass the problem, maybe with a lot less effort and a lot less waste of precious time? YES there is. QUOTES! What is a quote? A quote is a way to express yourself using someone else's words, and that is a contradiction in itself because if it wasn't you, it will never be you anyway. But hey what a 'oscar wilde', cut and paste and there you are looking smart and well educated in the metaverse.
Anyway, having been an Apple Machinstosh user for ages (no right click button), just switched to Microsoft the last two years, that 'open profile' section in the pie menu has given me much more enjoyment than the 'inspect' one.
Here are some examples:

(This is a list of the 10 funniest profiles i have opened, and i say funniest in the very general meaning of the word, please if you think your profile is listed below don't be offended, as i am just one in the crowd)

Number 10 :
Hello everyone, this is ME.

Number 9 :
Friendly guy, but please RL is RL, SL is SL. RL = Loading
(ok not funny at all but always worth a laugh)

Number 8 :
Feel free to IM me anytime, as i don't bite:)
(Ohhh ladies, guys want to be bitten)

Number 7 :
...why swell'st thou then ?One short sleep past, we wake eternally,..
(Quote from the very past)

Number 6 :
You never know what you do until you try
(thanks man, at least you tried first)

Number 5 :
Second Life is what happens while you 're busy making RL plans
(i don't think John Lennon would appreciate)

Number 4 :
Live your life, live your dreams!!
(someone find me a smart comment for this one)

Number 3 :
Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile
(gawd this is the one i find truely annoying)

Number 2 :
you think you're sneaky don't you? Well, I have a little buzzer that goes off every time my profile is you're busted!
(/me got shivers)

Number 1 :
To avoid the usual chat, let me say this:
1. Hi back :)
2. Fine thanks and you?
3. I am 23.
4. Lebanon.
5. Nope.
6. Yes, four kids.
7. Maybe?

And the VERY VERY number 1 funniest profile is......

what can i say? the owner of this profile is a well respected, strong lady and she 'd be able to kick my ass in a flash if she only wanted. So if you 're ever reading this, please know that i have learnt how to talk to you...
(and kudos to me for uploading my very first pic on blogger)
Okay this is all for now, Byesss ALL!

YEAH! Baby woke up!

Banana is awake and just had the news..she has to read my blog when she wakes it karma, call it love..
Now, Banana and I aren't just an SL couple. We have never been that. Hmm now i know why SL-bloggers start to blog at an early stage, because it is easier to share the events as soon as they happen. New discoveries, new feelings. I have a whole 2 years and a half to share!And it is all my past, my present and my future too, so i 'd better find an easy way out now, lol. All i can say, Banana and I are each other's life. And ironically enough, we have just spent the best times of our RL lives, after meeting in RL 2 months ago. So where to begin? Second Life is a second life, and i am in the middle of making a First Life out of it. Okay, cool down Kiavik, cool down. You will find the way to explain things one at a time. But not now, your noob smell hasn't gone away yet :)

OH, i almost forgot....
even though fashion isn't really my fav thing in SL, this is a cool store to visit:

It's Potassium!

Talking about first posts...

eheh i am enjoying it...

Reading everyone's first posts is fun:) i wish SL noobs could share their first impressions about SL, the same way i can do it here on Blogger...who knows maybe it is a good idea *points at Mr Linden*
Btw i have just realised how anonymous i am being right now..i am just Banana's hubby right now, and my blog's name doesnt help much in revealing who i am in SL.
Well, Kiavik was me. It came natural (lol) to mention poor Kiavik Slade., he has been the first 'me' in SL. Short life he had, but a full one. He has been a noob, then a fool, then a tourist guide in the old Parioli Sim. God bless Parioli! It doesnt exist anymore, but it was worth a visit back then. Oh what a pleasure it was, in a crowd of italian avatars, to find those few brave foreigners wanting to expereince Italy in SL. And more, being one of the few italians capable of a few sentences in english, it just made me feel like a national hero to be able to walk people around and explain the sights there! Kiavik was a great guy. Incapable of escaping his noob looks, but great at spotting the right avatar at the right moment, he has lived it all.
This was long long time ago. Kiavik, i am proud of you, and that is why you are here now. Never forgotten, LOL.
(baby, wake up)


ah, funny. Just completed my first post and i wanted to have a look at my baby's first post...actually i 'd like to have a look at EVERYONE'S first posts now...and here's what she wrote:
"Ok. This is me.
I dont profess to be a fantastic writer, nor particularly knowledgable about fashion. But I, just like a ton of other SLrs, love to try new things, wear what I like, be who I wanna be, and enjoy hanging out in the metaverse.
I don't have a point to my blog (as yet.. maybe one day), and I'm prolly not going to be all that regular. But I promise, if I have something to share, I will share it.
That is, if anyone reads this. Otherwise, I'll just be talking to myself. Ahhhh... whats new.
One person i know that will read this is my hubby. Thats cause he luffs me."

So, as you can see, we are soulmates.
And as all good soulmates do, she has got to help me find a good layout for this blog, and she has to teach me how to change the settings and stuff, etc. She has been of help so far in SL, i know she will be of help here on Blogger. Plus, as soon as she wakes up, she sure will want to save her
DANG i suck at I.T. !!!! Wake up wake up baby come help me :))

Hello everyone.

Hi everyone, this is my blog. hmm well it is hard to call it a blog, it is just my very first line of the very first post, and i really don't know where this thing is going to take me.
I have been living a Second Life in the past two years and i have never paid attention to the SL blog community, then my partner started one and i realised once more how cool, smart she is. I know her pretty well (lol) but still, reading her blogposts makes me so proud of her and still wanting to discover more about her soul and personality. Hmm i have to say, her blogging seems like an endless flow of ideas, and i am blessed i can wake up everyday and have a look at what she 's just written. Erm, yes i wake up and she goes to bed, time zones that is..but God bless Second Life, for allowing two soulmates to meet. We live so far from each other in RL, and probably (well, definitely) we would never have met without those geniuses at Linden Labs..

This is weird..for some reason i consider myself a noob in sl, and for some reason i AM a noob in sl. But now i am twice a noob here..this blog thing scares me a little!
As a non native english speaker, i wondered which language could be the best for it. Then i realised i have never read a SL related blog in my native language, plus, the main reason (and only reader for now) for this blog is my partner, and i want her to understand what i say on here, so this is it. English. Good luck to me!

Now, what is the reason for a blog? Is it just a way to let the stress out of our bodies? Is it useful in some way? I have no special reason, really. Most SL blogs have a predominant recurrent topic, and that makes it easier to write them, to read them and to become blog addicts after a week. Given the random nature of my blog, I ll just let words flow out of my mind and let theme form the shape they want.

Now, my Second Life. What a ride! Having been an internet- skeptic most of my life,years ago i could never imagine myself leading a virtual life inside a 14 inches LCD computer screen. The magic of Real Life, is that it is just like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you are going to get. Judging by what i got, I can only be glad about that day i read about SL on a popular italian magazine..Internet noob, web-chat noob, and a little BIG interest in foreign languages..i threw myself into the GAME. Because it seemed like a game, it looked like a game. By the time i found out there weren't points to gain, goals to score and soldiers to shoot, instead of giving it up and have a laugh, i saw myself stuck in a chat with people from around the world and enjoying it more than any other thing a computer can do. Oh well, i was so confused at that time...but all of us wish we could turn the time back to our noob's days and get those weird feelings of the very 'first time', right?
Oops, talking about 'first times', this is my first time as a It feels nice, it feels good.
In short, my Second Life has been the one of a complete wanderer for the first 2 months, random chatting and random pranks grid wide. a few friends that never went through the phase of 'who the hell is this guy i am talking to' but still addictive friendships. Then, erm...women! Yeah when I thought i had known enough about them in RL, there came another challenge for me...and what a challenge. I admit, it was hard to adjust myself to the situation of having to seem a cool and smart guy, while not being even sure it was a girl (as in RL gender) i was talking to!! Damn it was hard. Fortunately enough, i have been able to sort things out with one particular avatar, and this particular avatar is the sole owner of my heart since then. For the rest, i have tried to be myself in the metaverse, really trying to mirror my real life (habits included, i only wish i could eat and smoke in SL as i do in RL). So i have been a language teacher, host at Frank's Place, a TV show host (not that i work as that in RL, but there is a lot of vanity somewhere in me) and now that i have reduced my SL time a lot i am a translator for the best translation service company in SL. It is a cool job, since it is what i most love doing, and since i get the chance to read about some of the new SL-creations quite in advance before they are released in the grid. Oh and it is quite remunerative too, lol. Of course, this is just a short description of 2 years and a half in SL, but more will come in the next posts.

HMM i guess it is too much writing for today.
I don't know who i have been writing to.
All i know is, this is for you, Banana, mio amore.