I guess it's time for a special post...
the wonders of SL have been able to keep me interested enough in the metaverse, but many times i have been tempted to give it up for some reasons. Now if i am still here it's because of the people i have met through the years, some true friends i cannot do without.
i have many friends inworld, some are just cool avatars i chat to from time to time, some are true souls that have touched my heart in many ways and have placed their special mark on my bald head long time ago.
Now that i am receiving their support and love in this new adventure of mine, i thought i owe them a few(!) lines and thank them for all what they do for me everyday.
Thank you Jenni, Bunni,Rae, Ro and Cope. Love you just as much as you love me! (so you 'd better keep it strong, lol)

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