Anyone's looking for hair?

Ok my avatar is bald. There is a reason for it, and i am not sure i want to share it. Let's say my first avatar couldnt find a way to get out of the noob look on day1, so he got a little nervous and ripped his hair off. Then the legend went on to the next avatar and here i am, bald head in SL..funny thing i noticed, whenever sharing some RL info with close friends and maybe even blessing them with my RL pic (lol), is that most of them think being bald in SL necessarily means you re bald in RL funny is that? Makes me wonder, probably no matter how crazy your avatar looks (not my case), avatar are perceived as a possible anticipation of what you may look in RL.
Anyway, i decided to try some hair today, just for fun, and this what came out of it:
(i am not sharing the names of the stores i 've been too, because the end results are embarassing!!)

this is the 'Chandler from friends' look, lol

this is a tribute to Michael Jackson's wig

this is the newborn Elvis...

and this is the hilarious blonde and gay me..

Last one is the rastaman!!

It's clearly not my fault.
I was born to stay bald in SL.

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