YEAH! Baby woke up!

Banana is awake and just had the news..she has to read my blog when she wakes it karma, call it love..
Now, Banana and I aren't just an SL couple. We have never been that. Hmm now i know why SL-bloggers start to blog at an early stage, because it is easier to share the events as soon as they happen. New discoveries, new feelings. I have a whole 2 years and a half to share!And it is all my past, my present and my future too, so i 'd better find an easy way out now, lol. All i can say, Banana and I are each other's life. And ironically enough, we have just spent the best times of our RL lives, after meeting in RL 2 months ago. So where to begin? Second Life is a second life, and i am in the middle of making a First Life out of it. Okay, cool down Kiavik, cool down. You will find the way to explain things one at a time. But not now, your noob smell hasn't gone away yet :)

OH, i almost forgot....
even though fashion isn't really my fav thing in SL, this is a cool store to visit:

It's Potassium!

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