SL mobile.

One possible solution for the lack of body exercise while playing Second Life would be... a mobile SL viewer! Okay, okay i know for all of you SL addicts this would just worsen your addiction while allowing you a short walk in the park in the evening, just like those you used to have before downloading the SL client on your computers. Well, a little more than a year ago, this wasn't just a dream, it was a dream come true..have a look!(video is in spanish but..well no words needed really)

this was called 'Vollee SL client' for java, symbian mobile handsets and it worked in a very simple way. Vollee servers in California ran a normal SL viewer just for you, while sending the video streaming of your avatar's adventures right on your (expensive) mobile phone, via a high-speed 3G wireless connection. As you can see, the metaverse could fit a 3 inch screen in an acceptable way. The viewer only lacked the 'build' feature of normal SL, as for the rest....IM, local chat and TP's it all came easy to do just in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, Vollee filed for bankruptcy after a few months, and despite Linden Labs were supporting the release of the mobile client, it all puffed away at some point and no further news/updates were made public since then. (and this all happened a few days before i bought myself a symbian mobile, lol)

Pretty impressive? Yes definitely. Also considering the system requirements needed to run the normal desktop version of SL, and the frustrating crashes/faults/lag experiences we all go thru every now and then.
I ll keep an eye on Vollee, or better on its former CEO who is now currently working for a new software house in that wonderful place called Silicon Valley.

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