ROLEPLAY. Man vs Gor.

RolePlay and Second Life. For a large majority of SLers these 2 things are strongly linked to each other or better, they just mean the same thing. I have met avatars whose Second Life is a 24/7 roleplay area as they spam local chat with the third person "/me" thingee, which after a while annoys me 'cause i feel like i have to do the same but i can't, lol. Anyway, I have never been a fan of common RolePlay games in RL, therefore i kept my pixelled butt away from RP areas in SL and whenever anyone asked me to join, i explained i couldnt see myself acting like i am somebody else, 'cause i am too proud of who i am...and that's when they started to make fun of Anyway i enjoy to always learn everything about anything and what i find a little weird is..RP communities aren't really open to people who want just to learn more out of curiosity, it's more like a "you're IN or OUT" thing and it's very easy to be ejected without a warning as soon as they realise you aren't "IN" at all. As an example, i am definitely against slavery in RL so it's kinda intriguing to know how a Dom/Sub-Master/Slave relationship can be enacted in a virtual world of the 21nd century, and where the entertainment lies in that(since sex doesn't appear to be the main point, lol). In the end I have been told "You just can't understand" when the only reason I was there was TO understand. Or worse, I get to face the most common question of all: " Why do you need a Second Life if you just want to be yourself in here?". Ah well, too tired to go undust my books of sociology, mate.

But now i have found a way to know more, as one of my dearest friends has joined a Gorean roleplay community a while ago. She accepted to show me how things work down there and here is what happened...:)
(i won't mention the name of the Sim and the Gorean community, and to be honest i don't even know if the guys there know i was about to blog them, so SHUSH!)

This is the place and as you can see, it is very well built and definitely a pleasant land to explore.
(this is also when i got told off for saying "hi all", as visitors arent allowed to speak if not in ((brackets))

Then, i decided to have a walk around the place, and this is what i found...fishes again, but this time they were dead and ready to be eaten.
(this is also when i got told off for speaking to a slave, as slaves aren't allowed to start a random conversation at anytime. Btw it wasnt my fault 'cause she IMed me first.)

The walk continued and I cammed around a bit. This is when i finally realised what a slave is supposed to do when you (the master) are meditating:

Then, I got all excited because... i was just about to witness a collaring! Thats me trying to hide behind the wall in my 21st century clothes, and my friend Yesi keeping an eye on me.
(this is when i got told off for taking pictures. Cameras didn't exist in the Land of Gor, plus mine must have been a really noisy one)

Here is the slave, being prepared for the collaring..and he was actually screaming and begging to be set free.(couldn't help it,had to jump in the middle of the scene with no fear of being decapitated)

And this is it, the slave is finally collared and part of the World of Gor. He will do his best to serve the community and to please his Master. YAY! (and, thanks to the faulty animation i didn't even have to Gimp the slave's intimate parts, lol)

In the end, it all really seemed very theatrical, with lots of pauses and the longest chat lines i 've ever seen in SL. But well, Gorean definitely is a must-do for whoever enjoys history and a bit of sadism added. Thanks a lot Yesi for allowing me in the land.

As for me, i don't want to be a slave. And I don't want to be a master.
Anything else involving peanut butter, I AM IN!!!!

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Lionesse Vandyke said...

I just love the Gor places, they are mostly very well built.. and eh no I'm not a slave or a master, I just dress up as a fighter and keep my mouth shutt, one ban from a gor sim is enough for me;-)