Profiles and fishes...

Okay okay, talking about profiles, here is a bit of mine:
(note the inverted comas as i quote myself)

"Ah,dont ever take me scuba diving in SL.I did it once, and all i was supposed to do was to look at super fake roadsigns that were meant to be wild fishes in the indian ocean!"

I know it is quite rude to write smthing like that, but really the graphics capabilities of the numerous SL Viewers released in the years have never satisfied my expectations. I know we are talking about an ultra-nnovative online 3D environment, and that requires ultra-tera-giga-bytes capable servers to work, but hell, despite my best efforts in setting my laptop to the highest rendering option and drowning my avatar in huge lag, the best feeling i have got so far has been the one you 'd get living in a low budget japanese cartoon from the 80's.And i have tried better desktop PC's too, though my eyes were never amazed. Oh, now i remember. There was a place i used to go long ago, just to enjoy the sights, that place was Svarga,and had nothing to do with the rest of SL. Simply amazing light effects..but now it is gone.
I have read blogs and various websites on the topic, and many other agree. Linden Labs itself is well aware of the problem, since other virtual worlds are appearing on the market and all of them feature better graphics but less building/creating/interacting possibilities.

Anyway, i updated my profile long time ago, so thanks to my friend Bunni, this is the view i had today, and it is about fishes....

I have to say, since my last underwater experience, things have improved a lot. But still not enough. Maybe i 'll accept an invite to scuba dive now, just to see what it looks like now and maybe delete my lines on my profile..

Here is another example of close-to-reality textures for a tree. Or better, it is just the best tree i have seen so far:

Oh well, that bald head is ME:)

Byess to all:)

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