Day 2. SL profiles.

Okay i made it past day 1, and here i am again :)
SL is a big place and there are endless possibilities to make what you want of it, but well it all starts from your chat lines. No matter what your interests are, you can't make your second dreams come true when you re not a good chatter nowadays. Same rules apply to RL, i know, but SL has something more...and these are profiles. Oh, how wonderful RL would be if only we could click on someone's shoulder (not mentioning TAGS) and see what they are like, the places they love the most and the experiences they have been through so far. Well, profiles are important. I know some guys who don't really care about them, and leave them blank, very alt like. I know guys who update them every day and they are never satisfied. I know guys who ask for professional help when writing/updating them because they think a good profile makes it easier to impress people around. As for me, i always used my profile to give basic information about me, my Second Life and a bit of my RL too. Of course i tried to add some funny comments in it, just to get some compliments around the grid and give people a reason more to IM me straight away.
But well, profiles can be tricky. Sometimes choosing for the simplest lines is never good enough, and when you think you have finally made it, there is no space left in the profile window to finish the last smart sentence that had just come to your mind. What then? Is there a way to bypass the problem, maybe with a lot less effort and a lot less waste of precious time? YES there is. QUOTES! What is a quote? A quote is a way to express yourself using someone else's words, and that is a contradiction in itself because if it wasn't you, it will never be you anyway. But hey what a 'oscar wilde', cut and paste and there you are looking smart and well educated in the metaverse.
Anyway, having been an Apple Machinstosh user for ages (no right click button), just switched to Microsoft the last two years, that 'open profile' section in the pie menu has given me much more enjoyment than the 'inspect' one.
Here are some examples:

(This is a list of the 10 funniest profiles i have opened, and i say funniest in the very general meaning of the word, please if you think your profile is listed below don't be offended, as i am just one in the crowd)

Number 10 :
Hello everyone, this is ME.

Number 9 :
Friendly guy, but please RL is RL, SL is SL. RL = Loading
(ok not funny at all but always worth a laugh)

Number 8 :
Feel free to IM me anytime, as i don't bite:)
(Ohhh ladies, guys want to be bitten)

Number 7 :
...why swell'st thou then ?One short sleep past, we wake eternally,..
(Quote from the very past)

Number 6 :
You never know what you do until you try
(thanks man, at least you tried first)

Number 5 :
Second Life is what happens while you 're busy making RL plans
(i don't think John Lennon would appreciate)

Number 4 :
Live your life, live your dreams!!
(someone find me a smart comment for this one)

Number 3 :
Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile
(gawd this is the one i find truely annoying)

Number 2 :
you think you're sneaky don't you? Well, I have a little buzzer that goes off every time my profile is you're busted!
(/me got shivers)

Number 1 :
To avoid the usual chat, let me say this:
1. Hi back :)
2. Fine thanks and you?
3. I am 23.
4. Lebanon.
5. Nope.
6. Yes, four kids.
7. Maybe?

And the VERY VERY number 1 funniest profile is......

what can i say? the owner of this profile is a well respected, strong lady and she 'd be able to kick my ass in a flash if she only wanted. So if you 're ever reading this, please know that i have learnt how to talk to you...
(and kudos to me for uploading my very first pic on blogger)
Okay this is all for now, Byesss ALL!

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