OK!! I said OK!!! I have been a dick.

As any respectful blogger would do, i am trying to find ways to promote(promote/advertise, there 's a difference IMO) my blog lately. And one of these ways is the most common of all....wearing a Flip Title inworld. I chose it red, showing the URL of N.B.K. and it looked funny! :)
I TP'ed myself to places, just random ones and people seemed to be nice to me everywhere. I know some Sims do not allow flip titles but i don't know why (or i know why?lol) I then decided to hit the TP button to SWEETHEARTS. Landed there, said hi, and got ejected in 3 minutes, without any warning. I TP'ed back there and Imed the hostess, Blossom Morgath, just to make sure it was an ejection for advertising. She apologised for not being able to warn me in time, and said it had been a decision of the owner, Sir Dilbert Dilweg. I removed the flip title immediately, had a friendly chat with Blossom and everything seemed to be alright for the following half hour.
On the following day, Banana invited me for a dance and I suggested...SWEETHEARTS!(not that we go there much anyway, lol) Roughly 24 hours after wearing a flip title for approx 3 minutes there, i found myself on the BAN list. How cool is that?
So this is the IM convo with Blossom Morgath, who is also co-manager there and a very nice person:

2:34] Banana's Hubby : hi Blossom, any idea why i got banned?
[2:35] Banana's Hubby : i removed the flip title as soon as i realised it wasnt allowed:)
[2:35] Blossom Morgath: hey honey... I've got no idea... I didn't know you were...
[2:35] Blossom Morgath: yes I know you removed it... and you were able to come back...
[2:35] Banana's Hubby : yes and i stayed at SH for a half hour
[2:36] Banana's Hubby : today i found out i am banned. lol
[2:36] Blossom Morgath: yes...
[2:36] Blossom Morgath: you will need to ask the owners - Dilbert Dilweg or Charity Colville
[2:36] Banana's Hubby : i have Imed him but he hasnt replied despite showing online
[2:37] Banana's Hubby : i dunno really cos he didnt ban me yesterday
[2:37] Banana's Hubby : he banned me today. lol
[2:37] Blossom Morgath: oh it's pointless sending an IM... you need to send him a notecard honey
[2:38] Banana's Hubby : okay i will. But in case i mention your name, will you confirm that i removed the flip title right after our talk?
[2:38] Blossom Morgath: yes honey, I will
[2:38] Banana's Hubby : okay:)
[2:39] Blossom Morgath: I hope you get it sorted
[2:40] Banana's Hubby : erm its weird cos he didnt give me any warning before ejection and before the ban. i only talked to you because I Imed you. and i removed it straight away

Well, dear Sir and Mister Dilbert Dilweg. Thank you anyway because now i know just another way to increase traffic on my blog. Since it seems it's very easy to get banned from your fine place, i guess there must be hundreds of poor fellows gridwide and worldwide like me who are googling 'BANNED FROM SWEETHEARTS" at any moment.

So i think it's just a matter of choosing the right key words for today:))

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Amie Adamski said...

Wow that's crazy. I'll take that in mind and by the way thanks so much for sending me the Flip Title I truly appreciate it. Hopefully I won't get banned from my work when I work on Sunday.

As for jazz clubs-go to Franks (gotta show love since I work there)

Banana's Hubby said...

you re welcome Amie. and YAY for Franks Place, i used to work there LOOOOOOOOOOONG ago:)

Anonymous said...

You knew you were taking a chance wearing the flip tile. You got called on it. You get no sympathy from me.

Banana's Hubby said...

Of course i know i was going to be asked to remove it. i got ejected without warning. I went back there and i apologised, removed it and had a friendly chat with the CO-Manager, making sure it was alright for me to stay there. I got banned on the following day.

Let me remind you that the common definition of an SL griefer is:
Any individual that misbehaves in public, doesn't respond to multiple warnings, and therefore is BANNED to prevent further damage to the Sim.

I wore a flip title for 3 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Get over your selves. Drama in this post indicates the ability to cry foul to create more drama.. Dram Drama Drama
Perhaps there is another side to the story. Seems to me those who have no Drama left in them Just move on about their lives Or Directly talk to the owners and figure out what happened. Many people Run Sweethearts. And not all of them Are perfect. Not even 1 of you are.. Instead you Chose the Drama Route lol
This shows you are capable of Drama and possibly being banned for other reasons other than the tag :)