Who'd tell..

I was trying to blog the other day and as i logged on SL i got one of those random TP's from a friend, you know one of those people you add by chance and then stay on your friends list for ages, even if you don't talk much to each other for months. Okay, in this particular case it wasn't months, it was...a year and a half!! :)
And this girl also happens to be the closest (in terms of RL distance) person i have ever met in SL, so i accepted the TP just to see what it feels like to write a few chat lines in local RL slang.
Of course random TP's have a reason, and the reason this time was the promotion of a new italian SIM dedicated to fashion and general entertainment.
Ah, fashion. Catwalks. Models. Cotton, wool and bikinis. High heels and pret a porter. Since Banana decided to become a designer in SL, i admit i have developed a growing interest in SL clothes. Most of all i admire now the skilled creators in SL as i am now aware of the hard work required to make such beautiful items shine in the numerous stores Banana has taken me to.
But still, i thought it would take a lot more than a random TP to make me attend a fashion show in SL. Like, half a dozen pills of Prozac or a six-pack of the best chinese beer ever imported in Sri Lanka. But Princess (my friend) welcomed me just so nicely that i decided to give it a try. Surprise surprise, it has been one of the funniest evenings in ages!! There was a speaker on voice who described the dresses as the models crowded the catwalk one after another, and i felt a little out of place, sitting in the middle of experienced designers who kept commenting as if they were the real D&G at an informal meeting with Donatella Versace.

Arrow indicates the bald head:)

the show was extremely pleasant and absolutely lagless, the models were skilled and experienced and even a fashion-noob like me enjoyed the sight of the cool dresses presented by designer MEB. The staff was friendly and warm and the speaker on voice contributed to the show in a significant and funny way. The name of the Sim is ESSENZA ITALIA and english speakers are welcome.

Oh, i 'll be waiting for the next show, Princess. No chinese beer needed!

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