Genderless love

Back in one of my previous posts, i have shown some pics of me trying different kinds of hair, and because of the weird combination of my skin/eye colour (or just because of my hard bald head) all the different versions of haired me were a little funny and worth a laugh. When commenting the absolutely un-natural blonde me, i wrote "and this is the hilarious and gay me.."

I have been told by friends that maybe referring to that look as "gay" could be slightly offensive to the gay community in SL...but it wasn't my intention to offend anyone.

So, now let's all read these few lines:

"Sweet, you are my life, my love and my everything. Looking into your eyes is magic and makes all the reasons we shouldn't be together fall away. When i am with you there is nothing else.
all my love,

This is a notecard i was asked to translate into spanish long time ago, and it had been written by a man to a man.

God bless genderless love:)

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