Hello everyone.

Hi everyone, this is my blog. hmm well it is hard to call it a blog, it is just my very first line of the very first post, and i really don't know where this thing is going to take me.
I have been living a Second Life in the past two years and i have never paid attention to the SL blog community, then my partner started one and i realised once more how cool, smart she is. I know her pretty well (lol) but still, reading her blogposts makes me so proud of her and still wanting to discover more about her soul and personality. Hmm i have to say, her blogging seems like an endless flow of ideas, and i am blessed i can wake up everyday and have a look at what she 's just written. Erm, yes i wake up and she goes to bed, time zones that is..but God bless Second Life, for allowing two soulmates to meet. We live so far from each other in RL, and probably (well, definitely) we would never have met without those geniuses at Linden Labs..

This is weird..for some reason i consider myself a noob in sl, and for some reason i AM a noob in sl. But now i am twice a noob here..this blog thing scares me a little!
As a non native english speaker, i wondered which language could be the best for it. Then i realised i have never read a SL related blog in my native language, plus, the main reason (and only reader for now) for this blog is my partner, and i want her to understand what i say on here, so this is it. English. Good luck to me!

Now, what is the reason for a blog? Is it just a way to let the stress out of our bodies? Is it useful in some way? I have no special reason, really. Most SL blogs have a predominant recurrent topic, and that makes it easier to write them, to read them and to become blog addicts after a week. Given the random nature of my blog, I ll just let words flow out of my mind and let theme form the shape they want.

Now, my Second Life. What a ride! Having been an internet- skeptic most of my life,years ago i could never imagine myself leading a virtual life inside a 14 inches LCD computer screen. The magic of Real Life, is that it is just like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you are going to get. Judging by what i got, I can only be glad about that day i read about SL on a popular italian magazine..Internet noob, web-chat noob, and a little BIG interest in foreign languages..i threw myself into the GAME. Because it seemed like a game, it looked like a game. By the time i found out there weren't points to gain, goals to score and soldiers to shoot, instead of giving it up and have a laugh, i saw myself stuck in a chat with people from around the world and enjoying it more than any other thing a computer can do. Oh well, i was so confused at that time...but all of us wish we could turn the time back to our noob's days and get those weird feelings of the very 'first time', right?
Oops, talking about 'first times', this is my first time as a blogger...lol It feels nice, it feels good.
In short, my Second Life has been the one of a complete wanderer for the first 2 months, random chatting and random pranks grid wide. a few friends that never went through the phase of 'who the hell is this guy i am talking to' but still addictive friendships. Then, erm...women! Yeah when I thought i had known enough about them in RL, there came another challenge for me...and what a challenge. I admit, it was hard to adjust myself to the situation of having to seem a cool and smart guy, while not being even sure it was a girl (as in RL gender) i was talking to!! Damn it was hard. Fortunately enough, i have been able to sort things out with one particular avatar, and this particular avatar is the sole owner of my heart since then. For the rest, i have tried to be myself in the metaverse, really trying to mirror my real life (habits included, i only wish i could eat and smoke in SL as i do in RL). So i have been a language teacher, host at Frank's Place, a TV show host (not that i work as that in RL, but there is a lot of vanity somewhere in me) and now that i have reduced my SL time a lot i am a translator for the best translation service company in SL. It is a cool job, since it is what i most love doing, and since i get the chance to read about some of the new SL-creations quite in advance before they are released in the grid. Oh and it is quite remunerative too, lol. Of course, this is just a short description of 2 years and a half in SL, but more will come in the next posts.

HMM i guess it is too much writing for today.
I don't know who i have been writing to.
All i know is, this is for you, Banana, mio amore.

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