Talking about first posts...

eheh i am enjoying it...

Reading everyone's first posts is fun:) i wish SL noobs could share their first impressions about SL, the same way i can do it here on Blogger...who knows maybe it is a good idea *points at Mr Linden*
Btw i have just realised how anonymous i am being right now..i am just Banana's hubby right now, and my blog's name doesnt help much in revealing who i am in SL.
Well, Kiavik was me. It came natural (lol) to mention poor Kiavik Slade., he has been the first 'me' in SL. Short life he had, but a full one. He has been a noob, then a fool, then a tourist guide in the old Parioli Sim. God bless Parioli! It doesnt exist anymore, but it was worth a visit back then. Oh what a pleasure it was, in a crowd of italian avatars, to find those few brave foreigners wanting to expereince Italy in SL. And more, being one of the few italians capable of a few sentences in english, it just made me feel like a national hero to be able to walk people around and explain the sights there! Kiavik was a great guy. Incapable of escaping his noob looks, but great at spotting the right avatar at the right moment, he has lived it all.
This was long long time ago. Kiavik, i am proud of you, and that is why you are here now. Never forgotten, LOL.
(baby, wake up)

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