Effectiveness of Google Analytics

I definitely am a geography nerd. In fact, the only reason why i would really like to buy me a new and more powerful laptop is...to get the chance to run Second Life and Google Earth there in the background as well. (OK OK for all of you guys whose machines are already capable of something like that, congrats!)

No wonder why i am loving using Google Analytics to look at the world map and see where all the visitors of my blog come from. But hey, is Analytics really 100% reliable? I did some research and the answer is no. There 's a lot of easy ways to avoid being tracked on the web, and most of them are just one click away from you. Most recent web browsers have options for private navigation, denying access to any kind of cookie ever on the net. Mozilla Firefox in particular has a bunch of add-ons that really can assure you the most anonymous browsing experience ever, lol. The "Ghostery" application for Mozilla detects all possible trackers and even lets you choose which one to allow and which one not to allow. "Ghostery" really changes the way you look at things in here. I mean, you think you 're in your room alone and then you find out you 're not, as a bunch of fellows you would never go out for tea with is already tracking you for the oddest reasons ever.
Of course, major companies using Analytics have big numbers and anonymous users are just a small percentage in the overall stats. But here in the blogosphere...things can become tricky ;)

Anyway, have fun you all!!

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