The not-so-live Concert

I got a group notice.

It said 'The Doors LIVE concert tonight at bla bla bla..'

I couldn't wait to go there!

Went there, stage was perfect, lights were on, people were screaming already.

THEN the music started.

And it was a CD. One of those i bought back in my high school years.I thought it was just an intro to the actual live show. It wasn't. I know some say Jim is still alive, but that was just a crappy CD while the notice said 'LIVE CONCERT'

I had to IM the band manager:

Banana's Hubby: "hello, is this a live concert or are you just playing a CD tonight?"

A. Destiny: "lol no CD, we are a LIVE tribute band!!!!"

Banana's Hubby: "HMM, i mean, is anyone going to perform live tonight?I have this CD here i can play it whenever i want and stream it just like you 're doing now.Is this a cover band?"

A. Destiny: "We have the best original live concert files, you won't find these in music stores"

Banana's Hubby: "hmm not sure about that.."

A. Destiny: "gee, thanks, lol"

Banana's Hubby: "don't worry i thought this was a live cover band"
Banana's Hubby: "now i know it's not:)"
Banana's Hubby: "Nice avatars tho"

A. Destiny: "So what are you saying? the REAL Doors aren't good enough? lol"

Banana's Hubby: "LOL!!! C'mon you know what i mean, i can play this same song everyday on my stereo. Live music is what i expected, but i talked to the owner here, i misunderstood the group notice.."

A. Destiny: "enjoy, we have a following of 5000, no worries, they seem very happy with our shows this is more than just playing a cd and btw its not tunes from a cd, i have live soundboard files"

Banana's Hubby: "WADEVAAAAA!!!"

I am sure i heard some guys in the audience say "wow his voice is so similar to the real Jim!!! Awesome!!" Well,I didn't want to ruin their day.

And BTW, the SLM MUSIC TRIBUTE BAND group has 323 members,but probably 5000 group notices..:(


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Lionesse Vandyke said...

Just left a little post on my blog about this;-)