What I want?

My inventory is a mess. I have 3,875 items there, but i usually use less than 20 of them. I think i have never ever created a folder by myself, and whenever i need something unusual, i don't even try scrolling down. I just try to remember what the thing is called and I allow myself 3 attempts to try and type the right name in search. Of course, when it comes to notecards and they are all named 'new note', search is useless and i can do nothing but open ALL of them one by one. How annoying. Except, tonight I managed to open the right one at the right moment:)

Banana: If we can't meet and i can't have you here, in my real life

Banana's Hubby: yes?

Banana: it doesn't mean i don't want you at all.

Banana's Hubby: so what should i do? Tell me.

Banana: I don't have all the answers.

Banana's Hubby: hey

Banana: I wish i did

Banana's Hubby: you have just said, it doesn't mean you don't want me at all..WHAT should i do then??

Banana: I think you need to listen to your heart.

Banana's Hubby: I am listening to my heart now, but i can't come there where you are in RL.

Banana: What does your heart want.

Banana: I mean
, really, really, WANT.

Now, this girl really has to have some hypnotising power. Don't you think?

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