ah, funny. Just completed my first post and i wanted to have a look at my baby's first post...actually i 'd like to have a look at EVERYONE'S first posts now...and here's what she wrote:
"Ok. This is me.
I dont profess to be a fantastic writer, nor particularly knowledgable about fashion. But I, just like a ton of other SLrs, love to try new things, wear what I like, be who I wanna be, and enjoy hanging out in the metaverse.
I don't have a point to my blog (as yet.. maybe one day), and I'm prolly not going to be all that regular. But I promise, if I have something to share, I will share it.
That is, if anyone reads this. Otherwise, I'll just be talking to myself. Ahhhh... whats new.
One person i know that will read this is my hubby. Thats cause he luffs me."

So, as you can see, we are soulmates.
And as all good soulmates do, she has got to help me find a good layout for this blog, and she has to teach me how to change the settings and stuff, etc. She has been of help so far in SL, i know she will be of help here on Blogger. Plus, as soon as she wakes up, she sure will want to save her reputation...lol.
DANG i suck at I.T. !!!! Wake up wake up baby come help me :))

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