Second Life Mobile. Update!

Again for all of you SL addicts who wish to play SL while on the move, here is an update.
In a previous post i mentioned the Vollee mobile SL client, which is currently down. No news from Vollee yet, so i thought i would give everybody a quick hint.
For all Iphone users, you can access SL (just local chat, IM's, TP's) on the already well known website. It works pretty well on Iphones and the touch screen is perfect for it.
For all of you who do not own an Iphone, there is a chance for you too. Of course you need a high end device anyway, Symbian or Windows mobile OS's (Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, HTC, etc.) and all you need to do is download(free) and install the SKYFIRE web browser from Once you 've managed to make it work on your phone, just go to ajaxlife and access SL. It is a little slower and laggier than the iphone experience, but still worth a try. All other default mobile browser do not support the flash animations used on ajaxlife, so Skyfire is the one and only. You can just use it for emergencies (lol), or just to send a quick hug to your special ones inworld (btw, Skyfire is one of the best mobile browsers on the market).
For all of you who just own a java enabled device...i am sorry but there isn't anything ready for you at the moment.

Anyway, I wonder why Linden Labs has developed the SLim viewer (lighter SL viewer with no graphics support, just chat and IM) for normal PC's, and yet there is no agreement with ANY mobile software developer for an official mobile SL viewer.

/me thinks... It's all about the Moola!!!

Ciao everyone!

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