Just for the few of you who have been wondering where and how I am...

Everything is ok with me, after a 38 hours long teleport I 've finally landed here in BananaLand and I am having a great time! Unfortunately I haven't been able to log into SL so far, so I guess Midd must be having the longest sleep he's ever had in ages.

So here's a quick report about my past days and weeks:

1. The love of my life is the best girl on Earth, and I am lucky to have found her.
2. Life on the southern hemisphere is cool, and I 'm thinking of having a swim in the pacific ocean and pretend it's summer anyway.
3. I 'm finding it very easy to cook italian food in a foreign land. Banana says I am good at it, but she is obviously biased.
4. Even if I am half the world away from home, it just feels like I 've always lived here. Nothing has changed since I left 8 months ago, and this is simply the best place in the world!
5. Born and raised in Soccer Land, I will try to learn something more about this painful recreational activity they call rugby and maybe even get to play it, once I am sure I am covered by health insurance.
6. Cricket, NO WAY!
7. I am happy.

To all of you dear friends, a warm ciao from Midd.
Hope to be able to talk to you soon

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Marnix Malifozik said...

So are we meeting for a beer next time I am on the Banana-island and in the appropriate Banana-city?