Twisted tribute!

Sad day today as the 1-month-long Twisted Hunt comes to an end at midnight.
To be honest, I haven't hunted at all, but it's been fun to wake up early (GMT+1) and log into SL for the usual daily dose of Twisted Hunt Group Chat. For those of you who have no idea what that means, just imagine yourself having your morning coffee with sleepy eyes and then get to read all sorts of swearing/bad words/yellings/F-words/P-words/A-words and so on including all possible twisted ideas that might come into the minds of the devoted Twisted Hunters while they incessantly ask for hints to the group moderators. It's an extreme experience (hmm, lol), but so funny you all should try it. You have a few hours left to complete the hunt, only 103 (or more I can't remember) boxes to find at 103 different stores, so good luck and be quick!

As a tribute to the Twisted Hunt, I thought I could go spend some of my hardly earnt L$ and buy samples of the average kind of kinky clothes/items for sale at most of the stores involved in the Hunt, just to make a funny book of photos of Midd in all his BDSM-RP-BONDAGE glory.

So I hope you like my Twisted avatar:).
(I don't, but the suffocating-venom-mask I bought is definitely blog-worthy, lol)

And yes I know the shoes aren't twisted at all. They just add to the fun!


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