Random Spam!

Erm since it's my blog I think I am free to spam and advertise as much as I want on here.
But there's a reason behind this, this is just to say thanks to some people I am proud to call friends. It serves also as an apology to them, for all the times I haven't answered their IM's in the past weeks when they were just showing how much they cared. So i hope you STILL care, guys. (lol)

Spam number 1:


this is the cool (and very well designed) website of dear RohanaRaven. It's about animations. I blogged about her store recently, but she 's added some more cool stuff there and you need to go check it out again!

Spam number 2:

there's a lady who has just started making her own skyboxes. I am not sure she 'll appreciate me mentioning her 'hobby', but this is just to remind her that she should SRSLY start a business and sell loads of them. This is the skybox she made for me, and her name is Sammi Ninetails. Im her for info about prices!

Spam number 3:

Golden Water Med.
Pay a visit to this sim created by my friend Spilo. It has a disco, a bar, a beach, house rentals and a shopping mall with all kinds of clothes for you shopping addicts. And may I say, it's very gaylesbobisex friendly. Yay!
Plus, there's a place up in the sky there (very very UP) I call home.

Spam number 4:
Erm, nothing to spam about her. Jenni, where are you? (lol)

Ciao to all:)

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Quaintly Tuqiri said...

*gasps* You didn't advertise me!

This reminds me, I meant to check out Rohana's store when you blogged about her the last time, and still haven't gone... bad Quaintly! No more procrastinating!