Introducing my new friend, Mr Last!

I am trying to get used to viewer 2.0 ....
I kinda have to, as something tells me it's definitely going to be THE VIEWER in a couple of months or less. So I 'd better stick to it and...practise.

But one weird thing happened since I last used 1.23 (or whatever the previous one is).
I now have a new friend, I can't remember when we met, how I added him and where.
His first name is....First, and his last name is Last. Thats original, no doubt. Have a look:

Funny thing is..this guy (I suppose he is a HE) keeps logging in and off, and then off again and then relogs a dozen times each hour, so I guess he is probably sticking to the old viewer and its crashes..

poor guy.

who's the poor guy? ME!! I can't fix this bug, I don't know how. 2.0 doesn't recognize who's coming online among my friends list, and calls them all Mr. First Last. WTF??? are you serious? what am i gonna do now? is it just me or just the italian version?? HELP!

Anyway. There's one more thing I noticed on viewer 2.0 ... but this has nothing to do with the Lindens really.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the italian language, it's just I missed Banana's third rezday. Well she missed it too, lol.
So baby, have a wonderful day-after-ur-third-rezday and let's make all our dreams come true, if possible, lol.


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