RezDay 3.0 and...WTF??

I believe one of the most unused features of the SL viewer must be the ‘notes’ page in an avatar’s profile. I have never had a reason to use it, at least for its intended purpose, and I know most of my friends don’t even know it’s there. They are so used to consider the first life page as the ‘last one’ to read, and why would we put notes in there when we have lots of other ways to remember things about someone? I ‘ve heard of people keeping their passwords there, or chatlogs, lol. But to be honest, quite some time ago I decided that my own avatar’s notes page would become the ideal place to just store my secret six numbers…02/24/07. Yeps that’s my rezday. Not Midd’s, but Kiavik’s, my first avi. 3 years old in SL, and I can’t really say my life hasn’t changed. What if I had never read that magazine article about the new virtual world. What if I had given up playing sl after the first (very) boring week?. Would I be a different person now? 3 years aren’t enough yet to make a final statement about it, but I think it’s just me not being able to judge. Considering the recent developments in my first life I can surely say I have been living in the first row seat of a superfast rollercoaster for 3 years with no interruption. How can someone judge if it’s good for your health? For sure the excitement makes people feel alive. Headaches too, but they’re painful, sometimes a lot painful. Anyway, as the years go by I am less and less inclined to care about the ‘timestamps’, as in weeks,months, years and even days if you ‘re using Emerald (argh I think I already forgot about my 1000th day! Lol). No timestamps, SL is just a little part of me, sometimes a major source for happiness, sometimes just a pastime. The goal is to make yourself capable of balancing the highs and lows. Get me? (I know most of you agree)

Talking about highs and lows. Linden labs has provided us all with a new viewer, just to give me a boost of optimism as I cross the line into the fourth year. I know everyone is talking about it, and there isn’t much I can add really. Probably there’s just one thing no one has noticed yet, and this is the capability of the SL 2.0 viewer to be run even on poorer machines (poor as in hardware-poor, lol). The viewer seems to be lighter in RAM usage, and 128 Graphics dedicated megas are still enough to be part of the game, I admit it’s a bit of trouble (/me adds ‘when the heck are you gonna buy yourself a new lappy?’ in the notes page) but still, it’s nice of Linden Labs to keep us all together, noobs and oldies regardless of the hardware specs we got. Considering how long it takes to load a Facebook page with all the plugins enabled on a Mozilla Firefox web browser, the new web-oriented layout of SL 2.0 makes things look even easier despite being a 3D world. So kudos to LL. I have been using it only for a half hour, and it was plenty of time to get used to the new features and to find my way in the different positioning of the pre-existing ones. It looks cool. Omg, have they kept the notes page in the profile’s popups? Lol. Haven’t checked that yet.

Moving to a more…personal tone. Here’s a picture I need to show..(shall I say UPON REQUEST?*winks*)

We stepped off the rollercoaster for a while, took some time to sit on a rocking chair and she kissed me on my nose. How sweet. (the RL equivalent of the above actions required a bit of a flying around the world and also a bit of driving along the Italian magnificent coastline, lol)

To all my friends who have been there for me in the past month…thanks a lot guys. I have been in silent mode lately, I will get back to normal soon, and I hope you understand. Please DO understand, lol.

Now, the WTF in the name of the post refers to this:

While in the midst of writing this post I got the news from Banana about her account being suspended. This IS NOT COOL, Lindens. You ‘re stepping on your own feet. Surely it won’t be a biggie, knowing the person you’re dealing with, she ‘ll be able to kick some ass and get things sorted easily.

But, hey. NOT COOL AT ALL.

CIAO to all.

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Lionesse Vandyke said...

Just wanted to say I'm glad you guys are back:-)

Definitely Gibbs said...

Thanks Lionesse, that's sweet of you:)