Challenge for your eyes.

Pay a little attention to the two cars in the picture. (you can enlarge it all by clicking on it) One of the two is the actual picture of the RL car, the other one is..a fake. Fake as in 'pixelled fake'!
So, can you tell me which is which?

mhhmmm....hard to pick the right one I know.
A little hint: the pixelled car lacks the steering wheel and has some weird red coloured interiors. Easier now? yeah, but still incredible, it looks a lot better than the real one.

It's been made by my friend Gianfranco Foxclaw using a pretty expensive 3D modeling software called 3D Studio Max. He HAD to give me the 'missing steering wheel' hint to help me realise it REALLY was fake. He said he got tired of working on it, and he didn't want to spend more time on building the wheel and finding good textures for the seats, lol. I reckon it looks perfect anyway.
So this is just to show you a glimpse of what the future holds for us SecondLifers. The future is...mesh imports! even if it is still not clear whether the official Second Life 2.0 release will include a full mesh import functionality or not, the legend says it will allow some basic transfer beetween actual RL 3D software and the SL viewer build functions. It really is an old legend, lol, as NWN mentioned it quite a long while ago. In short, you build objects offline, the way you want and HOW you want, then click on the import button and..there you go, you have the object rezzing on your land in SL. There's rumours saying only premium accounts will be allowed the privilege, and this badly affects my enthusiasm about it(i am never ever gonna go premium) . Plus, I am not sure how much of the accuracy given by the professional made 3D object will be effectively noticeable once the transfer to SL is complete, but for sure it 's gonna look a lot better than this:

only downside...LAG! I am not an expert but Gianfranco says that driving a high-def thing like that in SL will keep you stuck in first gear with the engine going full revs, lol.

In order to know more I sent Midd directly to 955 Battery Street, San Francisco CA, but Philip Rosedale wouldn't let him in 'cause he is age verified under a fake RL name and LL headquarters are rated as adult...very adult, lol.

Special credits go to Banana Vella for helping me with this pic. ILU baby. (GIMP is a biatch!!!)

oh, and feel free to IM Gianfranco Foxclaw for custom textures and/or custom builds. He speaks some english, but I 'll be happy to help with the translation(free of charge, lol) in case it's needed.


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