It's kinda crazy what's going on at Nebula. Banana's store has been there for ages, in a little corner of the SIM and with much of the surrounding area being empty all the time. It's a week now that a new neighbor has bought a huge section of it and has rezzed a big black building just on the opposite corner. It's so huge and black that you can actually see it from wherever you are at Potassium, and it isn't really a nice sight. Plus, the outside "garden", bordering Banana's property is full of crappy grass and some kind of tall purple flowers worth the most abandoned war cemetery in Greenland(omg has there ever been a war in Greenland?). Banana was left with no other choice than try to decorate the strip of grass on her side with some cute mushrooms and a pond, right after a first attempt at raising a little hill in between the sections so that the monster could be at least partially hidden. She has posted about it, and even felt a little guilty about the terraforming she had made at first. But surprise surprise....the neighbour built some ugly walls on the border, which accomplish the hard task to be even uglier than the black building itself. Now what could Nana do? She raised the hills again, so that the grey would disappear from sight, at least the side facing Potassium. You may think...ALL SET, grey wall on their side, green hill on our side. Fair enough.

Hmm, no, have a look at this!

I wonder what kind of pot this woman smokes. What's the point in making the wall taller again? Do we have to raise the hills again? Is this going to be a battle for the tallest avatar-made structure in Second Life? What's the fun in crashing my bike on a grey wall? Make it blue, red, yellowish at least!!

I walked to the black building (she made it a no fly zone) and wanted to check the view from there, looking towards Potassium. Here it is.

Don't you think that is just too "KEWL"???? I 'd really love to hang out at a place like that. Really as in...really really really.

What to do now....I don't know. I hope Banana gets things sorted. I hate grey, Berlin wall grey.

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Quaintly Tuqiri said...

You can enable flying in no-fly zones. Ctrl + Alt + D to enable Advanced menu (it will appear on the same bar as File, Edit, Tools, etc). Go to: Advanced > View Admin Options. Viola! You're flying again! ;)

I'd suggested Banana put up a screen between the properties. I really think that's the best solution right now...

Amie Adamski said...

Wow really that person is that petty. What is the big black building anyway? Is it a store?

Peter Stindberg said...

My (limited) experience says neighbours like that usually vanish pretty quick again. Someone who drops in, gets a huge chunk of real estate with no apparent plan how to use it, lacks an ... uhm... apparent plan and after some weeks sees the expenses run away.

The people who tend to stay get a small parcel and decorate it with love and dedication, then slowly, over the cours eof months, get additional small parcels and slowly grow their estate.

Banana's Hubby said...

@ Quaintly : you 're probably right!

@ Amie : the place is called 'Beautiful death' or something like that, lol. It's empty now, maybe a store in the future, i dunno.

@ Peter : I agree. it's all about plans, not plantations, lol