Dress Code

Funny aye.
I thought it was just me complaining about dress code violation during formal/semi-formal events. Instead, just today Gartner inc. the "world's leading information technology research and advisory company" (as they call themselves) has released an interesting report concerning RL enterprises who want to establish their offices inside virtual worlds. The reference to Second Life is pretty obvious but what's funny really is...they state that by 2013 there will be a huge increase in the number of business companies involved and that, in order to achieve better results, 70% of those enterprises will require their virtual employees to adhere to a very formal dress code, avoiding any type of clothing that can do harm to their respectable RL lookalikes.
2013? I know that the major companies who first came into SL as an experiment have escaped almost immediately the metaverse, due to the absolutely uneffective feedback and ridicolous increase in popularity. And the cause for this definitely wasn't the way their employees looked like. Plus, SL stats are falling down to the lowest in the last 3 years and it is very rare to hear of a major business company entering SL lately. So i am sorry Gartner inc., I am not going to spend 95USD and download the full report from your website 'cause you may just be ...totally wrong IMO :)


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Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I'm not so sure about this dress code thing. I know some jazz clubs have dress codes, and can accept that, and of course people ought to be dressed appropriately for various events, but for business... I'm not sure I'd like all business people to dress formally in office attire.

I once met a property manager who came to meet me in dragon form, and the first time I met my previous landlord he was dressed as a wizard. (Those links point to the blog posts about those events.) It would only happen in SL, really.

But it didn't diminish my confidence in them... actually I think it boosted my trust in them because I could see that they participated in this world and embraced it and knew what it was all about. Like, they would understand my requirements and needs as a client/customer.

Plus, it would be so boring if every business person in SL were to walk around in a suit. Ugh!