Yep that's just what my profile says. No payment info on file. SO WHAT???

i was hanging out with 2 friends of mine the other day, and dunno why we ended up talking about money in SL. I was the only one there with no payment info,and we started a kinda funny-serious discussion about it, lol. They explained why they needed to put RL money in a virtual world, and in short it was all a matter of 'getting things the fast way' instead of earning money by working in SL. I made a quick check on my friends' list in the meanwhile, and apparently there 's just a bunch of people there (5 out of 79)who bear my same label on their profile. When i started SL I promised myself i 'd never use RL money for it, and no, it wasnt because of fears of gambling addiction. I wanted to keep it as a game, and when i play games i do not usually use money. Plus i have no reason to spend money in SL, really. I rarely go shopping, I do not have tiers to pay, I do not own land, and when i used to have a house i was able to earn my little treasure inworld and be a good saver, lol. Now i have 2 jobs in SL and a little monthly income, which goes mostly into Banana's account 'cause i haven't found a valid reason to spend it yet.
I remember the day my balance went up to 10.000L$, all amazingly earned inworld, and then asking myself "WTF now?", lol.
But well, I find it a lil' annoying to be discriminated because of my payment info status! Most SL clubs (SweetHearts started first, lol) require payment info on file for job applicants, as a manager once explained "it is just meant to verify the degree of SL commitment of a possible working partner". The tons of new and different SL viewers being released these months feature special add-ons such as 'show payment info as tag', as if women need to know about your "SL shopping commitment" before even Iming you for a dance. And last, even among friends, you get to know new people and these guys happen to be avid profile readers who can't wait to hit the shout button like this : "Hey mate how can you manage to live here with no money??"
No money my ass!! How weird, Second Life allows us to do a hundred things we wouldn't commonly do in RL, yet some of the best and most annoying RL clichès show up to remind you that artificial intelligence hasn't been invented yet:))
But well, in the end kudos to Linden Labs. They did their job well, 'cause they knew there were going to be guys who 'd exchange at least 10USD into L$ just to get that shameful tag off their profiles for good.
Do the count, 10 USD x 8 million users...NOT ME!!!!

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London Spengler said...

mmm... keep working.

With luck, your SL money will pile so much you will want to take it to RL, and there you will get the payment info on file (a tag that never gets removed, even when you clean your card info), and you will have to eat your words ;-p

Banana's Hubby said...

You 're actually quite right London. Quite, because i 've been there already and i was just one step away from grabbing those L$ and order my favourite pizza online(lol). But in the end it wasn't really worth the hassle, and being Banana an avid shopper I thought she could make a better use of my money inworld. Of course, she agrees a pizza doesn't taste good if you then have to swallow your own words with it ;)
thanks for stopping by:)