50 most annoying things..

about the internet.
I thought i'd share this list of thing people hate the most about the web, from the Daily Telegraph.

I totally agree with number 2. Joining charities online is the best way to go to bed thinking you 've done something good. But nothing 's going to happen overnight anyway.

Number 4....argh yes i DO wanna kill the inventor of Captcha!!

Number 5.... social media guru's...who are they???

Number 11...youtube speech bubbles..I LURVE THEM!

Number 35..compulsory fields on forms..GRRRR!

Number 50..I think Chris Crooker is a genius.

Weird, the list doesn't mention Second Life. Is it good or bad? I 'd rather choose to be on a 'hate' list than being completely forgotten. But that's just me...;)

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