Lovely night the other day. Not only it was a special *day* for me, but also I went to the Moonlight University Christmas Party, and I had lots of fun.
My aim was also to show off the lovely hat that Banana had just given to me as a b-day present, and I thought I would look cool dancing the chicken dance with such a lovely garment keeping my bald head warm in a open-air disco a thousand feet high in the SLsky.

But as often happens during parties, one of the guys went wild a little and showed off his hilarious Mickey Mouse pants on stage..

And it became...contagious..
The ensemble hat/mickeymousepants/greysocks/trekkingshoes did look perfect on me, don't you think?

And here is the 'rear end' view :)

So contagious that the entire teachers' committee in Mickey Mouse pants decided to give a warm Christmas salute from the stage..

aaaaaaaaaaand just one of us kept them on even for the staff official picture!
(okay there is also one of us wearing a M.J. avatar so they wouldn't put the blame on me only)

OMG someone fugged me here too

But I just couldn't resist. As the party finished, I had to go visit my friend Bunni and show her how cool my after-party look was and we captured the moment..

And, omg, here I am today working on my new creation with good Mickey giving me building hints. (Poor Banana was hiding in fashionista-shame behind her posestands but as the French say when it comes to haute couture...c'è la vie! lol)

That's all folks!

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