Love and expectations

omg i so NOT wanted to do this, but here is my say about the latest events. I 'll try to keep it simple and easy, and I hope it can be of help for anyone who happens to read this.

Here in Second Life we get stuck in all the wonderful and unexpected things that come our way. It really is fun, joy and entertainment. Sometimes it can be tricky, because the boundaries between who you are and "who you want to be" can be easily lost, and it's sad to realise you've ended up out of bounds when it's too late. It can even get WORSE, when among the unexpected things SL has brought to you, there is that crazy little thing called LOVE (excuse the quote).

In case you fall in love with someone, feel free to enjoy it at the fullest. Hop on the poseballs, dance or just hug, find the places you love the most and hang out. Emotions will run fast, while everything around freezes and the pixelled world feels so real that you just want to fly to San Francisco and go shake hands with Philip Rosedale.
THEN, if after a while you feel like pixels aren't enough anymore and start consideridering an eventual RL development to your perfect, wonderful romance, you 'd better start unfreezing the atomic world around you and well ponder the concept that all you 're doing is..going back to the place where it all started.


Most importantly, you need to consider how much of that pixel-boosted excitement and joy you are able to transpose into your flesh and bones, your everyday needs and your habits. Being in front of a computer screen is just a RL habit, but then, it's all we do when living our full Second Life.

And even MORE important at that stage stop for a moment and be really, really honest with yourself. Inside the computer screen you 've found everything you need. Mainly love, which can lead to EXPECTATIONS. (In this case it did. )

Love can grow fast, expectations can grow just as fast as love. Look inside yourself and recognise the role that expectations played in your commitment to the person involved. If it's love playing the biggest part, then be ready to firmly believe in love, and keep the expectations on hold for a while. Short or long while, it shouldn't matter. In case it's the expectations playing the main role, then think twice about making the big move. Expectations can come true, they can change, they can fade. In any case, in the end you 're left with nothing more to look forward to, because that's exactly the moment when you realise that love wasn't the main reason that pushed you into such an adventure. All of sudden you would start to look differently at things, and find yourself committed to a person you hardly know for real, a person who hasn't given you any of those things you were expecting to receive, and maybe you even let some unjustified resentment grow and eventually influence your words and actions towards him.

And probably hurt him, too. Especially if that person had put love in First Place, and...his expectations weren't even close to First Place - to what he had been dreaming about all his life.

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