(premise : this whole post is a joke, so don't take it seriously. It's just the result of a day-off work, a better desktop computer, an NVIDIA graphics card, a zero-lag sim and my very-second attempt ever at building ANYTHING with a meaning in SL)

Oh I so wanted to go explore today. Looks like everyone goes exploring these days, so I had to try myself. So, today's place is called MCOTW, which I believe stands for "Middleton's Corner of The World". It 's not on the Showcase, as it's pretty new on the grid and needs a little fixing to be done before it can be opened to the crowds. But I managed to get thru a lot of security, passport control and finally flew over a deserted land, until I spotted it on the ground...

As you can see, it really is a corner, so kudos to 'whoever' chose its name, 'cause it's pretty realistic.
Soon after landing there, I noticed the cool map on the floor. I know it's inspired by David Rumsey Maps but I definitely love the texture in this case, as I am a big fan of Google Earth.
Plus, I really can't say where that place on the map is, but it looks somehow familiar so thumbs up!

Now, this place is not really big, but still provides some good spots where you can sit and admire the sunset....(obviously, being it a corner you can't expect the mountain to rez on the edge of a Sim)

or, facing east, a spectacular view of the sun slowly rising above the sea...

There's a cool chopper bike you can ride, but you have to like its colour though...pink is not for everyone...

But what I found really interesting is this WELL BUILT store called 'Bomba Delight', right in the corner of the corner. No one there, so I ate 5 or 6 of those yummi thingees called Bombas (aka Krapfen in the original German), for free. They didn't explode in my stomach, but I am sure I 'll have troubles sleeping tonight.

Darn, I do love exploring now. But I think it can be little tiring though, considering that this place was only 10 X 10 meters and it has taken me a lot of patience and time to go thru all its amenities.

SLURL will be relased soon, but you can IM me for a guided tour. And you all guys, have a nice time inworld!

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Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I don't care that it was a joke - I still want a guided tour! :p

Banana's Hubby said...

I hear it's still a work-in-progress. So guided tours are delayed a lil'. Plus, approval from the landlord is needed.

(are you serious???)