Hello everyone, remember me? I thought I'd give you a quick update about my wanderings in RL and SL.
In RL, I am a little overstressed by many things, but fortunately things look like they're improving a little,mostly because I am a great, smart and wonderful man...(insert laugh here).
SL has been a good escape for me anyway, mainly because of my IM window, as everytime I login there's always that bunch of lovely people (old and new friends) who entertain me with their wit and caring...and when there was really really NOTHING to talk about, I 've been developing my newly discovered passion for building silly things in Second Life. I am still wanting to post pictures of my personal view on architecture and engineering (hey, I am not serious, lol) but somehow I lack the courage..even if it's just for a laugh ;). And well, I've been told that when you feel a lack of courage in anything you do, that's just the right moment to do it....:)

Btw, there is something really funny I did yesterday, and I thought it was worth some pics..I played a little with the edit appearance button, and since this happens very RARELY (lol), I thought I could do something meaningful with it. Erm, 'meaningful' means I added some good fresh meat on Midd's belly and hips, trying to make his shape look as identical as possible to my RL shape, and see what could come out of it. Here are the results!
(dont laugh at the pose, I know it's still a female one, lol)

As you can see, I couldn't do anything to minimize the pectorals and the famous 'six-pack', as it is included as a gift from the creator of my shape, but the overall figure resembles my RL body pretty well. Of course I had to work on proportions, 'cause no way I am that tall in RL (2.18 metres vs 1.80 and definitely happy about it, lol). Didn't want to work on the length of Midd's legs, 'cause it always gives me troubles when changing jeans and they never fit perfectly with the clothes I use for the upper body. Here's the equivalent of Midd in RL...:)

The blurry overzoomed pic is good enough to hide my face but not good enough to hide the ducks I was playing with..LOL. Now let's move to the butt pics:

Weird it looks like I was posing FOR THE DUCKS this time in RL...

From behind, the addition is more visible, and but still pretty proportionate with the size of Midd's butt. (I wish I could say the same about my RL butt, sighs, lol)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the experiment. I have, lol.
And in case you see Midd chasing ducks inworld, remember it's not him...it's me!

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